Kwiatkowski wins a monument race today


I am only for a while, and I am leaving you with that ten minutes of the brilliant show ! I have to admit  I am a nut about cycling… Milano-San Remo is a race called a monument ( a one day race), and this is not easy to win there. Michał Kwiatkowski is the World Champion from 2015, and is starting in the team Sky. The finish is gorgeous!


Polish hit in Belgrade

Poland has taken the first place in the medal standing at European Athletic Indoor Championships in Belgrade this year. We have seven gold medals, one silver and four bronze, and we are the winners, while lot of people was expecting, that Great Britain will remain at the top. This is amazing to beat GB, because they are considered as great power in athletics… Thus, right now Poland is also a great power, you cannot deny. This is Polish relay women team: Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz, Małgorzata Hołub, Ida Baumgart and Justyna Święty. They are the golden medalists, and Justyna Święty has her individual bronze medal, too.

The other Polish medalists are: Polish relay men’s team: Kacper Kozłowski, Łukasz Krawczuk, Przemysław Waściński, Rafał Omelko  ( gold medal), Marcin Lewandowski ( gold medal 1500 m run), Adam Kszczot ( gold medal 800 m run), Piotr Lisek ( gold medal pole vault), Konrad Bukowiecki( gold medal shot put), Sylwester Bednarek( gold medal high jump), Rafał Omelko ( silver medal  400 m run), Ewa Swoboda ( bronze medal 60 m run), Sofia Ennaoui ( bronze medal 1500 run) and Paweł Wojciechowski ( bronze medal pole vault).

source Twitter @PZLANews



Sitting in the kitchen: June

It’s been a while since my last post so here we go ( along with a piece of cheesecake). Sadly, this  adorable picture above is not a picture of my flat. I’ve published it because of interesting fact from cheesecake history. The history of cheesecake seems to be older than you might  have been thinking. I’ve heard that this gorgeous and so popular cake is rooted in ancient Greece. I’m not sure is that historical fact or another urban myth. Cheesecake has been serving for the winner of marathon run, during ancient olympic games. Can you believe in it? Sometimes I have a feeling like someone’s imagination was going big way… From the other side, very possible this it the truth about cheesecake. Undoubtly, cheesecake is the best cake ever! Cheesecake! Picture a piece of vanilla cheesecake, the aroma and flavour! Delicious! Afterdward, a piece of cocoa cheesecake, dark and smooth! Who can resist? With peaches! Such a creamy consistency, indeed! ( We have won the match with Switzerland today). Picture a piece of NY cheesecake, the famous cheesecake covered with white chocolate glaze! Amazing, isn’t it… I have been watching the match with my mother, who is big football fan. She was talking all the time : ” I have a headache!” and ” I have a headache!” and this was extremely long match, with half an hour added and then penalties. I am almost dead, ha ha! What do you think about a salty cheesecake? One day I should give it a try!

This week in Poland is very hot and this is first heatwave here this summer. Yesterday I noticed 38 degrees ( Celsius, of course). Today is similar weather and I have to say, I love it! Sunshine and hot always makes me feel good. I got my dog for a stroll and wanted her to go with me to this pond, but it was too tiring for her, so I  have decided to go home.( She is suffering a bit from this heatwave).

Here we go with two worthwhile cheesecake links, which I want to share with you. I have not been baking them but I am eager to do this:

Do you like this feeling when you are walking down the street and you literally are going through something like hot air wall, or hot wind? I love it! I was on my way back home and went shopping. I have bought a piece of cheesecake.

By the way, the boar was back. It was spooky. ( Last week). Seems like my dog has no brain.

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