Tracks on snow #3


Nice to be with you again! The lack of time is spooky… So, this print above I captured into the wood here. I am not sure, seems itcould be from a deer or from some smaller wild boar.


This second photo I took also there into the wood, and I guess it must be the deer’s hoof print, because is more delicate and more slim…


In the park next to my house I came across that – these are from a wild duck…



That last is so impressive! I think is must be this huge boar’s  hoof print… And , what is unexpected, I saw it next to the supermarket here… Well, next to the supermarket’s bins.

Track on snow 2


Hi, guys! I planned this posting to be longer, but I’m so tired by now, and I will add longer story tomorrow. My sweet dog has eaten something creepy I had to walk her severally last night – I must go sleep. It seems she is o.k. right now. Although I have to stroll with her once again, as usual. Through our land of boars… and something else ? In these days I am still looking forward for any new tracks, and today I discovered what you see below. I think it is not a boar print. It must be elk/ moose, don’t you mind? ( Moose maybe not, I read that moose is in America and here in Europe we have elks). Anyhow, what it is?


Sitting in the kitchen: September

I am a huge lover of September, of my kitchen, and of this music! This is by A. Borodin, who is a Russian composer from XIX century. I don’t know why, but I always listen to Borodin’s music when autumn is coming. This music is an awakening of the heart, at least as far as I’m concerned… I think not only about this particular piece, but about Borodin’s works overall. I have a thing for the East, even if is much more popular here to have a thing for the West. But I think these directions are not contradictory, or in the future they will not. Maybe because Poland, where I was born and raised up, and where I stay right now, is a land of variety. I find my place as a cultural melting pot, where eastern and western influences have been ever existing, and were complemented one another. I have also eastern roots – my grandfather was born near Kiev,  and his father, my great-grandfather, was one of the engineers, who had built the Transsiberian Railways. My great -grandmother was from an ukrainian aristocracy, at least this is beloved story of my father ( and my mother always responded: ” Yes, of course!”), so I have to check it one day. Thus, nothing weird, that I have a thing for the East! And my second great- grandmother was from Lviv. These towns in Ukraine were Polish before WWII, so it does not mean they were Ukrainians. They were maybe Poles, maybe Ukrainians, I don’t know.

So, summer is back in a big way! I heard in the weather report recently, that these days will very windy, so I was waiting all day for this wind. They said, that it brings much warmer air. At last the wind had come into the night. Here strong wind is not that spooky as a storm or a hurricaine, this is rather the matter of a towel, which is flying among the buildings, or a few plastic bags, or sometimes a pot could fall from the balcony or from the window sill. While a tree is wrinkled or is something bad with some roofs, it’s a lead story for the news in tv…

Who is sitting in the kitchen, when summertime is back?