Sitting in the kitchen: February

I don’t like February, and, as far as I am concerned, February is the worst month of an year. Therefore I feel happy that this is over now. Here is already spring, with quite warm, longer and sunny days . ( It was even 15 degrees above zero a few days ago). Tomorrow I will bake a spelt buns. I have not yeast at home, so I need to buy. This is much better, while the bread is made at home, don’t you. I’ve read, that in the old times flour was much better than today and spelt had been very popular in Europe, for sure in the Middle Ages. The painting by J. Vermeer ” The Milkmaid” is not that old than the Middle Ages, but I guess in those times bread was also much better than our contemporary chemical bread. ( Here read on the painting: )

I saw a fox recently! ( Not a boar this time… ) This fox is almost tame and very beautiful. She/he has been living here for a few years, so from time to time is possible to see her/him. The fox usually strolls among the apartment blocks here, acting like dogs do. Everytime I met this fox I was thinking I see a dog, and after a longer moment I realised it is a fox. I think she/he also feels herself/ himslef a little bit as a dog and this is a useful trick. I see the animal wants to be accepted here and is friendly. I remember two years ago, in the wintertime, and it was after midnight, my sweet dog had decided she will make this fox run. Wow! She almost bited the fox’s tail! But very soon it turned out that the fox is much  better long distance runner than she. ( And I was the last one in that chase). The fox was out of reach!

But this time I had my dog on the leash, so firstly the fox was starring into my eyes for a moment and afterward simply went somewhere into the night, and the moon was shining. .. Here, in Warsaw, we have  quite big number of foxes. The fox I know is friendly and brave, and young. I like him a lot and hope we will meet once again. I might call the fox a friend of mine, because I have seen the animal wants me to feel like that. I know it from this look – very clever animal, indeed.

Panda Bao Bao ( not sure I wrote her name correct) has already arrived to China, and she must spend some time in a cage, so she got nostalgic. And one woman in Canada, who is a restaurant’s owner, discovered some illegal immigrants there, and she gave them breakfast. It was next to the border with the U.S. And the temperature in Lahti for today ( yesterday) was higher than zero. Don’t forget to watch the large hill competitions today! And some gorgeous people in fabulous clothes were standing along with the Queen – that’s because of some common project of the U.K. and India, although I am not big on it, so no details this time. And I am not  mad! In other words I am going to tell you, that this agressive and weird stuff is still in my livingroom. The tv set. ( As  some of you might remember, in my latest post I was wondering should I have a tv set at home or not). Mine tv set is bothering me, and I find it overwhelming ( Bao Bao, the Queen, ski jumping, a restaurant in Canada…) Nevertheless , I cannot do this right now. I cannot throw the tv set out, because I am dead keen on sport. I am completely nut about watching sport in tv! Firstly, these World Championships in Lahti, it is running right now. Secondly, European Athlethic Championship in Belgrade ahead! Not to miss! ( Not to mention about a cycling races, f.ex. Paris – Nice is upcoming soon). Especially I adore runs and I am a massive fan of Genzebe Dibaba.


One winter night I went sleep , that day I captured this last boar’s track this year. And the next day, while I had waken up, I saw it is already spring. Snow had been melting  and I felt that awesome springish warmth. It was amazing! Rain or shine, snow or shine February is a love season for squirrels. Be aware of that, lol. ( This is a squirrel track).


I am not sure I will make my millet’s pudding with a chocolate drops, or maybe I will read a book.  See you soon, guys! Love to be with you.

Sitting in the kitchen: November

I was into milk.

During two days. Really, fog was so huge anf very thick. Down, on the streets, it was even not that amazing, but here behind my windows, it was complete milk. ( I mentioned earlier that I live very high). Zero visibility. That was very beautiful experience, and in addition, it was quite warm. The night was warm and without wind, so I had been wanting to wander along with my dog. I went, and from the beggining I met a man who told me, that this big boar is strolling very nearby! ( I find it very helpful, while people here are warning each other, don’t you).  In November wild boars have their love season and I thought they will stay in the forest, but I was wrong with that… Good to know!  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… Ha, ha. I went in another direction and there were only a martens.

In the beggining of the month it was very cold here for a few days, what is unusual. It was even snowing a little bit, but not much. Comparing with those sights I have seen in tve about snow in Tokyo, it was next to nothing. This is very rare here in Warsaw, snow in November. The weather had gotten warmer afterward , the temperature was even 10C, and I saw a lemon butterfly! Insects, flowers, and actually is snow , again. And windy! So I’m preparing chicken in my owen and I already made a celery soup. My dog has been moulting for some time and I got tons of fur, but this is absolutely normal thing.


Sitting in the kitchen: October

Black, huge birds from the North have arrived! This is a high autumn already. I like these birds a lot, because of their  serious appearance,both with their voice. The sounds they give are also serious and dramatic – this is something like of the throat “A!” , “A!” ( very funny). It makes an amazing atmosphere! I guess, these big, black birds must live somewhere on the North, in the Scandinavia and near the White Sea in Russia. I’ve been expecting them every year … Hundreds of birds, and such a noise! They are usually sitting on the trees here, in the afternoon, and is better not to walk under these trees… I always avoid this area. Really huge number of birds!

I love to  sit in my kitchen and watch birds by the window. ( Here is not far from the river, and next to two ponds, so lot of wild ducks are passing my window – due to I live very high). This is like a documentary, this sight!


Recently I had very yummy food, so I was watching birds and having my feast at the same time! On these images below you will see… Quiche with celery, walnuts and Roquefort cheese, ruskie pierogi ( pierogies stuffed with a mix of white cheese, pepper, potatoes and onion) … These are cooked and if you have enough, that you keeping for the next day, it’s even better to fry it a bit on the frying pan. These dumplings on the display are from the catering industry – homemade are usually smaller than these. This is very popular catering dish in Poland, and also schaboszczak ( pork steak, breading with a breadcrumbs and fried – similar to German schnitzel ). I have to buy schaboszczak for the next time. There is quite good catering store a stone throw from my house! I have also Italian sweet cream with pistachios and gorgeous honey with French edible chestnuts. And I am drinking my ginger drink in a jar!!! I must be a freak. ( Or maybe I drink it in a glass more often, but I wanted this picture to be artisan/hipster/ boho a little bit…

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So isn’t bad, don’t you.

Sitting in the kitchen: July


Being a huge food lover I use to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Actually I am preparing big chicken for my family. I am sitting near the oven and wondering whether anything called ” polish cousine” does exist… Surely in Poland we have quite huge number of national dishes, it’s obvious, but for me the matter is that firstly: a lot of these dishes are also known in another countries as national dishes ( great example – pierogi ( pierogies), which are  simply dumplings ) and the second thing: it depends mostly on the region, what is considered as national dish in Poland.

Here in Warsaw is a melting pot, like in every big, vivid town in the world. I live in Warsaw all my life, but my mother is originally from Southern Poland and she loves to cook like people in Cracow do. On the South Austrian influences are still very flourishing, and aditionally my grandparents had been living in Vienna for long time, about ten years, so my childhood was full of a bit Austrian food, like  homemade, delicious Apfelstrudel every Sunday afternoon. Another grandma was originally from Sankt- Petersburg and her specialite de la maison was supertasty strawberries jelly, but I don’t mind it’s especially Russian dish. I think she rather had known this from the US, due to she had been travelling to Texas very often.

I like pizza, coffee with frothing milk, green matcha latte, bio tofu with veggies, quiche lorraine, porto wine, cheesecake ( as you might know from my recents posts), english beef casserole, calzone, crepes, mango, rooibois tea, duck baked in the oven, ratatouille ,  homemade ice-cream, homemade yeasty bread, and also wild strawberries. To be absolutely frank, I don’t like traditional Polish cousine. I am absolutely not in the habit of eating tons of sausages and ham, and meat, and meat, and meat… You know, I have nothing against meat and I am not a vegetarian, but meat is overwhelming dish in my country, this is going too far! That’s my opinion. One thing I like a lot, that nowadays here a millet is so popular. Millet is very fashionable indeed! I am huge fan of it, too. And I love fresh orange juice made by myself. And  I don’t like chocolate, any kind of it – I don’t like milk choco, don’t like white and the same I don’t like 90% natural chocolate. ( Toblerone and red Lindt balls are not included – is possible I will crave eat). Lastly, I tell you, I still drink cow’s milk! ( Sometimes goat’s).

I think one day I will share with you longer post on cousine in Poland, anyhow the topic is more complicated as you think.

wspólna herbata tea

Sitting in the kitchen: June

It’s been a while since my last post so here we go ( along with a piece of cheesecake). Sadly, this  adorable picture above is not a picture of my flat. I’ve published it because of interesting fact from cheesecake history. The history of cheesecake seems to be older than you might  have been thinking. I’ve heard that this gorgeous and so popular cake is rooted in ancient Greece. I’m not sure is that historical fact or another urban myth. Cheesecake has been serving for the winner of marathon run, during ancient olympic games. Can you believe in it? Sometimes I have a feeling like someone’s imagination was going big way… From the other side, very possible this it the truth about cheesecake. Undoubtly, cheesecake is the best cake ever! Cheesecake! Picture a piece of vanilla cheesecake, the aroma and flavour! Delicious! Afterdward, a piece of cocoa cheesecake, dark and smooth! Who can resist? With peaches! Such a creamy consistency, indeed! ( We have won the match with Switzerland today). Picture a piece of NY cheesecake, the famous cheesecake covered with white chocolate glaze! Amazing, isn’t it… I have been watching the match with my mother, who is big football fan. She was talking all the time : ” I have a headache!” and ” I have a headache!” and this was extremely long match, with half an hour added and then penalties. I am almost dead, ha ha! What do you think about a salty cheesecake? One day I should give it a try!

This week in Poland is very hot and this is first heatwave here this summer. Yesterday I noticed 38 degrees ( Celsius, of course). Today is similar weather and I have to say, I love it! Sunshine and hot always makes me feel good. I got my dog for a stroll and wanted her to go with me to this pond, but it was too tiring for her, so I  have decided to go home.( She is suffering a bit from this heatwave).

Here we go with two worthwhile cheesecake links, which I want to share with you. I have not been baking them but I am eager to do this:

Do you like this feeling when you are walking down the street and you literally are going through something like hot air wall, or hot wind? I love it! I was on my way back home and went shopping. I have bought a piece of cheesecake.

By the way, the boar was back. It was spooky. ( Last week). Seems like my dog has no brain.

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