Sitting in the kitchen: March

March is going to the end and spring has been here for a few days, as well. However, in an early springtime the  weather conditions are very bothering, sometimes even miserable, because we experience a huge daily differences of temperatures and often is very windy. That chilly wind in March! I find it quite romantic ( good for reading a book under a blanket ), but from the other side I have to keep my wintercoat in the corridor, is very usual for evening stroll with my dog. But some flowers are already in bloom, a trees are covered with lovely green leaves ( looks so fresh) ,and birds are about to start their nesting season. My dog found a bone outside and has eaten it. She was also into the pond, she did it a few times, although she’s not in the habit of swimming there. She only uses to  stand and drink this water with great pleasure. I respect that wild custom, nevertheless I have purchased for her the filter, which is making water free from heavy metals, detergents etc. so I think is better for her to drink at home… Anyhow I must admit in this pond water seems to be quite clear.

My dog is one of the reasons I cannot travel. I have been not travelling lately due to many reasons, also my mother is retired and I want to be in touch with her everyday. Thus, I rather read your travel blogs than I travel by myself. And while you cannot travel, you always can dream about it… Planning new trips! Being in Poland, I often dream of a voyage in February or in March. As I mentioned in the post last month, these seasons here are dull, awful, and very windy! Every year I have been thinking : ” Right now it is been a perfect time for my vacation!”. And I cannot go. India! Southern Portugal! Sunshine, warmth and amazing, exotic flavours and colours!



I think Portugal is much more safe than India, especially for a budget trip. To be frank, I cannot imagine myself in India on a budget trip. This is very dangerous for women, and I am sure that the only one way is to get a luxury trip there. A luxury trip… I mean to say, I will again buy a couple of books about India, along with some Bolly movies. End of the story – especially if you earn your money in Poland. Well, maybe I am grumpy at the moment, but if I have not enough money for rent a room in a five-stars hotel in Goa ( for a month, because  flying is expensive), I  not travel at all. ( It looks like I never will ).

So, Southern Portugal is closer, and it seems is much easier to reach this destination. I am not sure I am a massive lover of the cousine in Portugal, but despite of it, I think it’s absolutely worthwhile. Southern Portugal is the most warm place in Europe, during all winter. Only there you can wear sandals and summer dresses all a winter season long… I know about lovely rural houses in Portugal you can rent for Christmas, when the orange trees are in fruit in Portugal, or you could spend some time there in winter, with both swimming pool and central heating.

From the other side, today is 20 C here in Warsaw, so it must be the turn of the tide, don’t you…


The Independence Day


It’s been a while since my last post, so here I go again! I had a cold and afterward I was up to elbow. This is natural, that after a break every duties and things-to-do are overwhelming… Today is The Independence Day here in Poland. In Europe it is rather the day of the end of the IWW, but here we have special national day. Being in Warsaw, like me, is better to stay at home this day, ( especially  if you need to drive the car), because the traffic is very odd. Is difficult to reach another district. The number of  the patriotic demonstrations are quite huge, and we have a wide variety of these –  the nationalists have their demonstration, so  the leftists also want to have their own, and the official events, etc… In general, they’re not agressive or dangerous ( I think it is rather for teens and students ), and I must say Poland is very safe country, if compare with the US. The problem is rather that these events and marches , and marathon, and soldier’s parade, and concerts, are moving all day long and across the city. It cannot be in a one place, because is better to separate these radical  demonstrations. So the city is taken for many hours, and in addition every shops are closed, and this year wet and awful snow is falling. Very chilly day! Snow is melting and I am waiting for the football match Romania- Poland. It seems like big challenge!

New posts are coming, guys! See you soon!