This year again!

So, this year our familiar herd has been wandering here into the night, like in the previous year. The little, four legged person is not a wild boar, but my  dog!

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I was also browsing YT one evening not so long time ago, searching for some interesting and short video with a boar participation:

Looks like a battle field and the music is so dramatic!


Warm days in September


Back here to the blog! Actually, it’s still not easy to find a free time… In my life everything is going rather well and the weather today has been so gorgeous. Golden leaves already are falling down, sunshine, and more than 25C, and rich selection of yummy seasonal veggies and fruits! Eggplants, prunes, apples, berries, mushrooms, courgettes, you know… I wait for pears. Even hard to count these goodies of late summer/ autumn… Therefore I see the world in the  golden shadow, and it’s so optimistic. I am rather an optimist in general , but I have to admit that nowadays I feel particularly happy. Due to the new possibility of… leaving Warsaw forever. ( This is very, very long story to explain why I crave to leave the town, so maybe in some other post in the future… It’s not a secret, but really complicated). It seems like I will able to escape from this ” Biggest Polish Village” ( popular name of Warsaw here in Poland, because of tons of rural migrants who have been working here – they are also in London), anyhow, I must spend here two years due to my business duties, but later I will free and obviously will go… I will go for sure! Whoa! I want to buy an apartment or two cheaper aparments in Silesia region, which is in my opinion much better place to live by now, and also it seems like it will better in the close future. ( Or maybe I will buy a house with some tiny vegetable garden). It had been really impossible before, so it takes the turn for the better. As well Silesia is better for me, above all money, prices, costs of living! In Warsaw prices have been much higher than in other towns in Poland. And those peasants on the streets… They are not agressive, but very rude and they’re in the habit of shouting dirty words in public places. Silesia is also not a paradise, although life is easier there… Such a lovely day today! The first week of September had been awful and creepy, the weather conditions were like in November, and I must wear my winter jacket. Right now is summer again, since Friday, and even nights are very warm, that I can stroll with my dog in a t-shirt. I really desire to sell my flat and buy much cheaper in Silesia. This region is located on the South of Poland, close to Czechia and Germany. I even know the small town, where I want to live, but I keep it as a mystery. The prices there are much more reasonable than in Warsaw, and also the life style and culture ,at least for me, are more familiar, because my ancestors were from Cracow and generally from the South, so this is a bit another culture in the Southern Poland. So, I do know it shall be much easier to start my new business there, not here… In fact, I have planned to start even three, but very homely, new businesses. ( Small knitting studio, a shop, and also something artisan, which has been keeping as a secret now). I’ve been feeling like a stranger in Warsaw for some time… I do not need to buy every thing most expensive and I am not in the need of showing to my neighbors, that my bicycle is four times more expensive than an average bike, not to mention about clothes at work, and you know, all these mad rules in every capitol around the world. I like my bike, and the technician ( looking like 19 years-old person) told me he does not want to repair it, because I should buy more expensive bike ( in his shop, of course). So I have to repair the bike by myself, ha ha! And I do not like this city anymore.

In Silesia they ride on the bikes like mine, and the cuisine is interesting, with huge western influences. I mean to say, you can eat you pork Schnitzel staying in a safe, Christian country. Silesia has big industry, so sometimes people have been suffering because of smog, but not  in the place I have discovered. This is a small town of the outskirts of a bigger town, very close to beautiful wilderness. It sounds like great place for my dog too! ( With the lake). So, this is enough for today, but I promise that I will never make such long breaks, like I recently did. It is been longer than a month from my last post…

Wind from the North Pole is coming


I have seen the weather report and they said that! Air from the North Pole is just around the corner… This time we use to say that Christmas is just around the corner, or, you know, Santa Claus is just around the corner, but it seems like freezy wind is coming first… I have already got is today, here in Warsaw. Such chilly weather! I went strolling with my lovely dog and I have absolutely enough… They said in tv that this week every next day will be much colder, and look, today  is Monday! I don’t want even think about Friday or Saturday… Spooky! They said that in Friday the temperature will -15, but I hope not in Warsaw. ( Here in Poland the place where the temperature is always lower is north-eastern Poland, that means Masuria and The Białowieża Wood, and the town Suwałki. And while someone has been said ” Minus 20 is coming!” a popular answer is : ” It must be about Suwałki, calm down!” )

I have been in Suwałki one time and a several years ago. In July – was cold, as well.

We are in the anticipation of Christmas and I already finished my book about Mariacki Church in Kraków, so my next post will on it. I was thinking about this site and I have decided to write more about Polish heritage,art, history and about my old dream of being transported to another era. (And also about houses, but rather modern houses and interiors). Imagine, you are in Cracow for the winter trip and snow is deeper and deeper and then you are in another era… Seems like in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages in Kraków, in the Main Square! See you there next time….

Sitting in the kitchen: November

I was into milk.

During two days. Really, fog was so huge anf very thick. Down, on the streets, it was even not that amazing, but here behind my windows, it was complete milk. ( I mentioned earlier that I live very high). Zero visibility. That was very beautiful experience, and in addition, it was quite warm. The night was warm and without wind, so I had been wanting to wander along with my dog. I went, and from the beggining I met a man who told me, that this big boar is strolling very nearby! ( I find it very helpful, while people here are warning each other, don’t you).  In November wild boars have their love season and I thought they will stay in the forest, but I was wrong with that… Good to know!  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… Ha, ha. I went in another direction and there were only a martens.

In the beggining of the month it was very cold here for a few days, what is unusual. It was even snowing a little bit, but not much. Comparing with those sights I have seen in tve about snow in Tokyo, it was next to nothing. This is very rare here in Warsaw, snow in November. The weather had gotten warmer afterward , the temperature was even 10C, and I saw a lemon butterfly! Insects, flowers, and actually is snow , again. And windy! So I’m preparing chicken in my owen and I already made a celery soup. My dog has been moulting for some time and I got tons of fur, but this is absolutely normal thing.