Marvellous place in Southern Poland

This is a story about Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska, the Upland in Southern Poland, which is really beautiful and worthvisiting place on Earth. ( English translation in the video, but I cannot see the translation under one of my browsers, for sure under Chrome it is available). So, if you use to travel across Europe, or if you already were in Cracow, do not forget that next to Kraków you can find amazing sightseeing and good area for sport activities. The Upland is filled with old castles, some of them are picturesque and romantic ruins, some of them are in quite good condition. That is why it’s called Eagles’ Nests Trail … White Eagle is an emblem of Polish state, and here these Polish castles we call nests of the eagles. This is very splendid and you will find there aswell great lesson of Polish and European history along with  stunning beauty of  the wild nature.( I do recommend to watch the video with full screen option). The Trial starts in the town Częstochowa which is well-known from the famous Icon of Mother of God. This is a Catholic sanctuary located in the middle of  the town, on the hill Jasna Góra ( Bright Hill, in my own translation). Afterward , the end is in Cracow, also well-known place, with unique atmosphere  -in particular in autumn. I hope you will like it. I found this video recently, while I was browsing YT  for some videos about Silesia region. The Upland is not literally Silesia, rather in between Małopolska ( Lesser Poland) and Silesia, which we call Śląsk. ( So, try to say “Śląsk” and ” Częstochowa”… Ha, ha! Polish is very difficult language).


Indian Summer

Poland heads to Russia 2018 and we are the group’s leader

After this match with Montenegro, which we won 4:2 Poland finally reached that! So we are the group leader and Lewandowski is better than Ronaldo! During the eliminations Lewandowski had 16 goals and Ronaldo had 15. 16 goals this  is the record, no one did it before.

Autumn rose


Dancing with the boars

This is the one savage apple tree in bloom and in fruit. The tree grows near to my place, in the park. I’ve been strolling there very often and I love to observing it. Wild boars were here recently! They came not so late after dark and … The boars, literally five boars made a circle around one dog, who is very old. So the dog had been in not  very easy situation! They were touching the dog with their noses, but the dog had stayed very calm. That is rightful, not to react… And the boars made the dog run, but it was not very seriously and was running only a few steps. Then came back to the owner.