Sitting in the kitchen: January

It seems like is impossible to find the name of the author of this beautiful drawning… My dog is all right now, so she is fluorishing with double energy,  is in very vivid mood and I am still tired and exhausted. It was a real challenge to me to write a few sentences yesterday! Completely lack of time… So if I read your pages later than usual, be patient and wait for me. I think you all expect something about food, if it is “kitchen” in the title of the post, and I only can tell you I already have eaten gorgeous baked feta cheese ( original Greek and bio). This is very simply, country -style dish. You have to get  feta to the casserolle pot, as much as you want to, along with chopped tomatoes and with some dried herbs, I think some Medditerranean herbs, and with a pinch of pepper. I baked it in 160 degrees, but in the recipe is 180. And it tastes amazingly with fresh buns. I want to share my finds:  and . I guess you will glad if you  will give it a try.

Do you want to see our boars? I found on YT lovely video ( seems like everyone here has a video with boars and I am the only one who has not ). Those are not from my place, but also from the town… They do know how to pass the street correct:  and afterward I would recommend for you another video with elk here in Warsaw. He was swimming in the river Wisła ( Vistula) and people had made a great event I don’t know why. It looks like some cellebrities are there: . I hope you like it…

Do you still have a Christmas tree at home? I want to ask by the way, because here in the neighbourhood live some people who are in the habit of taking Christmas tree until Easter. It is impossible not to notice that tree, because it is close to their balcony doors. It looks like they crave us to see their Christmas tree – every weekend they are keeping the lights turned on, and it looks both weird and very nice…

Medieval Cracow # 1

Hi, everyone! We are already transported to another era, and right now we are standing at Rynek Główny in  medieval Kraków. The video here above is from XXI century, I brought it to you, because I found the video absolutely worthseeing. Don’t worry, that is in Polish only! I will tell you the same things in this post and in my next posts about medieval Cracow. I highly recommend to watch it, because of the sights of the interior of St. Mary’s Basilica ( The Mariacki Church).

Time, we are actually living in, is XIV century, and Mariacki Church is a new temple, built on the foundations of a former temple. It was a Romanesque church, destroyed during one of the Tartar’s invasions. Mariacki Church is in late Gothic style, and is most known from the Altar by Wit Stwosz ( Veit Stoss) – the Altar is very famous as a masterpiece of European Gothic art. ( I will post my next story on it). In the video you may also see a man, who is playing beautiful  bugle- call in one of the Basilica’s towers. This is Hejnał, as far as I’m concerned Hejnał is something like the national anthem, but is much older. Every day at midday you can hear it, if you are at Rynek ( Main Marketplace), and also by Polish Radio. I remember as a kid I was a massive lover of Hejnał from radio… Hejnał is ending too fast and randomly. This is the neverending tribute for a man, who died while  he was playing, asassinated from Tartar’s arrow. It is ending in the moment he died so long time ago, but we still remember. ( Another muslim attack in Europe).

Thus, I leave you with it, because I want you to watch the video, so I should not write too much. The next post will Christmasy, and then we will back in XIV century for more.

This is a drawing of Cracow from famous old book by Hartman Schedl ” Nuremberg Chronicle”, 1493.



Wikimedia Foundation


Tame boar at Polish farm

I want you to know, that it’s not a blog on wild boars, but simply I cannot resist, cannot help myself… Another boar’s post! Isn’t he cute?

And I have a spooky, bloodcurdling story, again! I had invited my Mom for a supper, yesterday. She was walking near my house and it was not too late, between 20:00 and 20:30. The streets were empty because of chilly, unpleasant rain… She noticed ” alone dog”, you know ( who was not a dog, in fact). She started to watch, and stopped, and was looking around , thinking : ” The owner must be here…” And in this moment she realised, that this is a boar! So early!

He, or she, ( but rather he, if alone) was running a while and then did hide himself into the decorative plants and bush, and disappeared into the darkness…

Sitting in the kitchen: September

I am a huge lover of September, of my kitchen, and of this music! This is by A. Borodin, who is a Russian composer from XIX century. I don’t know why, but I always listen to Borodin’s music when autumn is coming. This music is an awakening of the heart, at least as far as I’m concerned… I think not only about this particular piece, but about Borodin’s works overall. I have a thing for the East, even if is much more popular here to have a thing for the West. But I think these directions are not contradictory, or in the future they will not. Maybe because Poland, where I was born and raised up, and where I stay right now, is a land of variety. I find my place as a cultural melting pot, where eastern and western influences have been ever existing, and were complemented one another. I have also eastern roots – my grandfather was born near Kiev,  and his father, my great-grandfather, was one of the engineers, who had built the Transsiberian Railways. My great -grandmother was from an ukrainian aristocracy, at least this is beloved story of my father ( and my mother always responded: ” Yes, of course!”), so I have to check it one day. Thus, nothing weird, that I have a thing for the East! And my second great- grandmother was from Lviv. These towns in Ukraine were Polish before WWII, so it does not mean they were Ukrainians. They were maybe Poles, maybe Ukrainians, I don’t know.

So, summer is back in a big way! I heard in the weather report recently, that these days will very windy, so I was waiting all day for this wind. They said, that it brings much warmer air. At last the wind had come into the night. Here strong wind is not that spooky as a storm or a hurricaine, this is rather the matter of a towel, which is flying among the buildings, or a few plastic bags, or sometimes a pot could fall from the balcony or from the window sill. While a tree is wrinkled or is something bad with some roofs, it’s a lead story for the news in tv…

Who is sitting in the kitchen, when summertime is back?