Sitting in the kitchen: December, part 1

Merry Christmas
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This is late in the night and I’m sitting in my kitchen, waiting for the apple crumble. The strong smell is all around me and is adorable and extremely cosy. That is wintertime I like most! And I can hear the voice of the train from the other shore of the river. I love to hear a train through a night hours. ( I guess I will wake up at midday). I am an owl person all my life. Yesterday we experienced something really rare here, I mean a hurricaine. The name of it is Barbara, although it seems like it is gone by now. In Warsaw, where I live, it was very strong, very annoying and it was heavy rainy, in addition. Unluckily, I was outside while rain started to fall. It was very short and very heavy rain. The five minutes it was enough to leave me completely wet, my shoes were also wet as well, so this is even weird I have not a flu today.
So, Christmas is over, but we still have the Christmas season in some sense and I am going to tell you about a Christmasy food, here in Poland. Thus, the first issue is the carp’s problem. I don’t know about other countries, but here is the custom – and perhaps the religious rule – that during a Christmas Eve we should not eat a meat. In Poland Christmas Holidays begin at 24 December, in a Christmas Eve, unlike f.ex. in the UK, where people start with that at 25 December in the morning. Here is also popular to “wait until the first star will visible onto the sky” – you cannot eat before. In my home we are not in the habit of waiting for the first star, although we eat a carp. ( I eat meat, but not much and not often). A carp is a must in Poland for this time! The problem is that some people have been killing these fishes by themselves ( stupid and cruel ritual, not connected with religion). You can easily buy living carp in every supermarket before Christmas and they always have these creepy customers. I do condemn it and cannot imagine this idiotic custom in my household. We usually are buying fillets and I bake a casserrole with leaks, beer and cream. This casserrole is my own idea, the traditional way is to make it on a frying pan with breeding. I remember the interesting idea of some wildlife defenders here… They went to the market and bought all of those carps, then they did let loose them to the ponds next to this market.I was very surprised before I had known about this event, because I was observing that the shores of those ponds are overcrowded by aglers… I was wondering what is going on. Looks like aglers have another point of view. C’est la vie!
Well,I see my crumble is ready ! The next part is coming soon ( on bortsch, animals speaking with human’s voices, Vienna Apfelstrudel my grandmother did, and pierogies filled with cabbage and wood mushrooms ).

Trains and spelt porridge

This is maybe weird a little bit, but I am in the habit of watching train videos late in the night. I have already watched this video by now and actually I am about to make a spelt porridge. Afterward I will go sleep. Today is heavy weather, very strong wind and it rains all day long. One tree near the post office is wringled.

We have a half of the city closed because of NATO summit. I need to buy some salmon tomorrow, but fortunately I am in another part of Warsaw. Sometimes I wonder maybe I should live in Cracow, but Cracow has high air pollution – is located in the valley and lot of households are using old-fashioned tile-stoves instead of central heating.

The falcons nest is empty by now. They are adults now, how fast the time is flying…

Before I had discovered these trains videos I was looking often to the livestream form northern Sweden, this was a view from some small town. I had never seen any animal, although I expected lot of bears there… Well, I have to go to bed. From time to time ,but very, very rare it was possible to see a car or a human – once an hour, and it was like a crowd. But they have snow in October. Too cold for me.