Sitting in the kitchen: October

Black, huge birds from the North have arrived! This is a high autumn already. I like these birds a lot, because of their  serious appearance,both with their voice. The sounds they give are also serious and dramatic – this is something like of the throat “A!” , “A!” ( very funny). It makes an amazing atmosphere! I guess, these big, black birds must live somewhere on the North, in the Scandinavia and near the White Sea in Russia. I’ve been expecting them every year … Hundreds of birds, and such a noise! They are usually sitting on the trees here, in the afternoon, and is better not to walk under these trees… I always avoid this area. Really huge number of birds!

I love to  sit in my kitchen and watch birds by the window. ( Here is not far from the river, and next to two ponds, so lot of wild ducks are passing my window – due to I live very high). This is like a documentary, this sight!


Recently I had very yummy food, so I was watching birds and having my feast at the same time! On these images below you will see… Quiche with celery, walnuts and Roquefort cheese, ruskie pierogi ( pierogies stuffed with a mix of white cheese, pepper, potatoes and onion) … These are cooked and if you have enough, that you keeping for the next day, it’s even better to fry it a bit on the frying pan. These dumplings on the display are from the catering industry – homemade are usually smaller than these. This is very popular catering dish in Poland, and also schaboszczak ( pork steak, breading with a breadcrumbs and fried – similar to German schnitzel ). I have to buy schaboszczak for the next time. There is quite good catering store a stone throw from my house! I have also Italian sweet cream with pistachios and gorgeous honey with French edible chestnuts. And I am drinking my ginger drink in a jar!!! I must be a freak. ( Or maybe I drink it in a glass more often, but I wanted this picture to be artisan/hipster/ boho a little bit…

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So isn’t bad, don’t you.

Blogging with my dog

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You see, that is not easy to blogging, while my dog craves to lick my face, or she wants me to scratch her tummy. Thus, I let her win this time! No boars toady, but I went shopping to the supermarket, have spent few hours there and I’m so tired.

The rain has set in and the weather is very autumnal. I thought I will read the book on Mariacki Altar in Cracow, because I am making the post, but I guess that she wants to play with me.

Do you want to live with a falcon?

I mean, do you want to live with a falcon`s nest on your balcony? I guess, you would rather say : ” No, thank you!”. I also did! I said : ” No, no, nevermore!” and I immediately called my big dog. I allowed him to spend all his free time on the balcony.

A falcon`s nest is pretty big and … let me say this, bloody and unpleasant a little bit. Who wants to sit near those bones and read some poetry or blogging? Do you picture me, sitting next to a falcon, who is eating his/ her delicious meal?

Obviously, my flat is not at the top of Palace of Culture and Science, although they were HERE, on my balcony. Please, believe me! ( I have even witnesess). This is so crazy, isn`t it? I am wondering now, maybe these babies will looking for a good place for nest and it will happen again? Oh, no, no, no!

Here, in Warsaw, which is quite big town, are only two nests. Falcons are very rare birds in Poland, overall. Unlike  the United Kingdom or Spain, where they live in bigger populations, here we have only ten couples of these birds. So, imagine, how excited and thrilled I was, when I have been watching on them on my balcony. The second nest in the town is close to the building I live in… And… is on the balcony of the flat! Falcons have been managing to do it… Great idea, indeed! Those people have the nest about ten years, it`s fenced and people might  use only a half of the space. And many bones all around, no, no,no…

Today I am reading this book about Polish birds and I will translate it, because I feel like I should share it with you ( I mean, the chapter about falcons in Poland). Otherwise, some of the habits of this big birds are rather not very nice, so I want to skip it. Don`t be afraid! I will back with this post in a few days.

Newborn falcons in Warsaw


10 random facts about me

1.) I don`t like country music.

2.) In my dreams, I live somewhere in Arizona or in San Francisco ( New Orleans also good, I suppose).

3.) My favourite citrus fruits are grapefruit and tangerine.

4.) I`m from Warsaw, which is a capital city of Poland.

5.) Usually I have long hair and lashes.

6.) I love Irish Coffee and quiche lorraine.

7.) I have never been in Japan, unfortunately.

8.)  I am about 35 years old and I am not a vegan.

9.) I prefer to drink coffee and tea in a mug.

10.) My favourite writer actually is A. Tchehov.