Tracks on snow #3


Nice to be with you again! The lack of time is spooky… So, this print above I captured into the wood here. I am not sure, seems itcould be from a deer or from some smaller wild boar.


This second photo I took also there into the wood, and I guess it must be the deer’s hoof print, because is more delicate and more slim…


In the park next to my house I came across that – these are from a wild duck…



That last is so impressive! I think is must be this huge boar’s  hoof print… And , what is unexpected, I saw it next to the supermarket here… Well, next to the supermarket’s bins.

Sitting in the kitchen: January

It seems like is impossible to find the name of the author of this beautiful drawning… My dog is all right now, so she is fluorishing with double energy,  is in very vivid mood and I am still tired and exhausted. It was a real challenge to me to write a few sentences yesterday! Completely lack of time… So if I read your pages later than usual, be patient and wait for me. I think you all expect something about food, if it is “kitchen” in the title of the post, and I only can tell you I already have eaten gorgeous baked feta cheese ( original Greek and bio). This is very simply, country -style dish. You have to get  feta to the casserolle pot, as much as you want to, along with chopped tomatoes and with some dried herbs, I think some Medditerranean herbs, and with a pinch of pepper. I baked it in 160 degrees, but in the recipe is 180. And it tastes amazingly with fresh buns. I want to share my finds:  and . I guess you will glad if you  will give it a try.

Do you want to see our boars? I found on YT lovely video ( seems like everyone here has a video with boars and I am the only one who has not ). Those are not from my place, but also from the town… They do know how to pass the street correct:  and afterward I would recommend for you another video with elk here in Warsaw. He was swimming in the river Wisła ( Vistula) and people had made a great event I don’t know why. It looks like some cellebrities are there: . I hope you like it…

Do you still have a Christmas tree at home? I want to ask by the way, because here in the neighbourhood live some people who are in the habit of taking Christmas tree until Easter. It is impossible not to notice that tree, because it is close to their balcony doors. It looks like they crave us to see their Christmas tree – every weekend they are keeping the lights turned on, and it looks both weird and very nice…

Tracks on snow



Come on guys, let me know, what do you think about? In my opinion it is a deer’s hoof-print, but I am not big on it. I captured it today, while I was walking the dog as usual. Maybe it is a boar’s track? I found these in a place, where boars have been visiting often, and also deers are accustomed to eat leaves there. Really hard to say!

A few years ago I saw two young deers in this spot. It was after midnight and I was with my old dog, who was a male dog and I had been keeping him on the leash. The deers were frightened seeing my dog and started to run. It was really slippery, because it happened also in winter an the temperature was next to zero degrees. One deer had been rolled over on the road and a car was dangerously close to her… I started to panic, but the driver turned out to be a quick one and he stopped the car as well… I was afraid she had broken leg, because it was difficult for her to stand up, but after a while she was running with the other through the park!

One boar open sleigh


J. Chełmoński ” Kuropatwy na śniegu” source


No snow this year.

I think we should forget  the old times and white Christmas, because we already have not been having snow for several years. Seems like we will travel to the mountains in the future, while we will want to see how does it look … That wind from the North Pole did not come. As you have known from my older post, I was expecting it because of the weather report, which turned out to be not true and rain was falling all the time, instead of freeze. And I saw the boar! ( And I saw  him again!). He was very massive, similar for a mammoth! Very similar for a mammoth! ( Please, believe me guys, because I am not kidding and this is true)… The fur on the top of him was sticking up, so I guess he  was frightened ( really not good). In my opinion, it was rather old, male wild- boar, who is accustomed to walk alone. I noticed him late in the evening, or in the night even, it was about midnight… Last Monday or Tuesday – it does not matter… The matter is that he feels good here, very good I see, and it looks like he will visit my close neighbourhood very often. He simply likes us… He is like a mammoth! From the other side, is quite friendly and calm. He was running not so fast, from the spot where our post office is, and it is next to the park… Not so fast, along the kindergarten fence, and, believe me, the sight is very unusual, both like a dream and really livening up! He passed by close to us and I am still alive and my silly dog too. ( She started woofing a minute later, and luckily while he was closer was staring at him only). Once you meet a boar you feel yourself as a primeval human – like a member of the Flinstones family at least! Then I heard loudy screaming… Men were screaming ” Dzik! Dzik!” ( it means boar in Polish). It was from that place he was running to. They were really scared, and later one woman told me, that these boars are in the habit of wandering here also in the morning. Good for snapping some photos, although I cannot promise for sure… Ha, ha! Wild – boar!

Well, guys, while Christmas is ending it is still not too late to say Merry Christmas everyone! I planned this post to be on Polish Christmasy customs and I know I  keep you hanging on, but I must told you about boar first. Picture a wild boar, who is in a Santa sleigh instead of a reindeers. He is stopping next to you and speaks with human voice: ” Ho- ho! Merry Christmas, dear!”. I am not big on Polish traditions, to be frank… I might tell tou rather more about my grandma kitchen, which was with strong Austrian influences. She had plastic Christmas tree from Vienna and all the furnitures were from Vienna, too… Tomorrow I ‘ll be back with that!


J. Fałat Winter Landscape source :


P.S. If you are new on here, and you are not afraid of a boar you might like this story, and also that story. Enjoy!