Pinch of news from Warsaw


Summer is here, I am very busy, believe me, I have been in a hurry literally everyday… I have a lot of work and also I have decided to paint my walls in the apartment. Actually I am somewhere in the middle, I did great job, but it is still not enough. The more I do, the more new things to do I see. My dog had some skin’s problems, so I went to the vet. Vets here in Poland it is a long story… I have known from some blogs from the US and the UK, that vets abroad are often a problem, so I want to tell you, that here in Warsaw the same. Fortunately, very young vet , who had been really tired ( I was there late in the evening), was not an completely idiot and was quite polite ( for me and for my dog). He forgot to check about the medicine he told me to use, and I had to ask him, whether this drug is to buy with no ” recepta” ( recipe)… Finally he gave me this recepta I must show in the drugstore! This medicine was Triderm, it is for humans, a treatment with very wide spectrum and it turned out to be very good. The effect I saw very soon. It is a cream you have to apply onto the skin ( Clotrimazolum, Gentamicinum, Betamethasoni dipropionas ). So I would recommend it as a very good for dogs, too.

I don’t know whether I want to live all my live in Poland or not. This is not about money, although many Poles decide to leave the country due to low payments here. Recently I heard ( in the mainstream media) we are becoming a regional power, blah blah, and I cannot tell you that I feel it in my live. From the other side, I am accustomed to save money, I can do many things by myself, for example I can paint my apartment, I can stick the wallpaper to the wall and I can cook, and much more… So, this is not for money and obviously I will not go where tons of people from Poland have been living actually ( Ireland, England, Germany, Netherlands). My problem is, that I heard severally in tv, how politcs want to arm us. I don’t want to live in a country, where people have guns! If the new law will exist I will go . And recently I have been spending my time wondering where to escape… Yesterday I “was” even in Peru, but I am not sure is there safe… Portugal… or New Zealand. Or Czechia. Czechia it is reasonable, don’t you… Very close to Poland and Prague is so brilliant town. And I understand the language, like everybody in Poland. I love also Lviv in Western Ukraine, but I think they will arm also people in Ukraine, if there will EU bordeline in the future. Or maybe to Ethiopia … I am joking, guys, I am aware, that Ethiopia is not very safe place. Most of all, I want to stay here, this is my motherland and I feel that I belong to the city. Trump is coming here to Warsaw. Tomorrow he will, but in the afternoon, so I should have done my shopping before ( closed streets). I want  Poland to be strong country, but I do not want to live here along with armed people. I wish it will never happen…





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    • My dog is all right now and is taking a nap next to me :-). As far as I’m concerned I also do not see the need, and I think Poles are too emotional people… Really, I am afraid! In my imagination I see myself on the road to Praque, along with my potplants and books :-)

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