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Lonely kiddo-swan and other birds

This is getting much warmer here, and since the last three days this is a regular summertime. So, we can say that spring has avoided us this year. Already summer!

Kiddo- swan is still here, all the time, and maybe he will stay with us, although everytime until now they had been migrating from here. This pond is probably too small for swans. And I think they rather like more to live out of the town.

From time to time the district hall is buying a swans for this pond and these birds always escaped from here. This time they bought a couple with a young swan, and they released them during freezy wintertime. When the freezy weather had been over  the parents decided to escape and they have flown away, without the kiddo! The young swan remains abandoned on the pond,  he is living among the tons of wild ducks and other waterbirds…

He was gray in winter and his beak was white, what means that he was too young to fly. Once a woman stopped me there, she said that she is feeding him everyday with some spelt buns, and she’s buying the buns in some organic bakery… Well, I had the feeling she is a bit freaky, although from the other side, I was told by her that a swan could  break a human’s arm with his wing. They have very strong wings. So, I find this information very useful. Indeed, swans are very huge, and this is why I always feel frightened while my nutty lady ( my dog) is making the idiotic noise, standing close to him ( he is in water, she’s on the shore). I know she treats it as a fun, but the matter is the swan has started to stare at us in a very weird way…

Some time ago she made the birds such nervous , that one lose his temper… Well, lose his temper in the next day, but always… While we were playing with frisbee , on the lawn here, next to the house, that cheeky bird hit me in my head! ( It was even a pleasure). I realised, that he wants us to go, so I did , along with my dog. Afterward I reminded myself that the day before my doggie was running around the tree, where they have the nest. So, it’s the rason he hit me. These birds are rooks. They’re very common here and it seems like they’re are quite clever. I think they’re aware that their ancestors were dinos. ( Obviously I mean to say, dinos are the ancestors not only of the rooks, but of all the birds in general). These rooks here are in the habit of attacking a dog’s owners, especially during their nesting season. Here is one rook, and maybe even I captured him on the photo, who is absolutely freaky. He use to sit on the roof over the front doors and is watching carefully on people,  unvisible in this spot. When is seeing someone with a dog, is following that person and wants us to be afraid of him. This is very funny, the bird is starring with anger, then is blowing in the twig with his beak. So the twig becomes shaking ( dreadful, isn’t it), in this moment the rook is croaking madly, then is blowing the twig on the next tree … I had this story many times, in the nesting season, and also my neighbours , who are a dog owners told me that this bird is acting with them alike.

And another adventure I had near the pond. This rascally rook was trying to sit on my head! Fortunately, I had the beanie hat on my hair. I think he did not want to sit there, he wanted rather to touch me. It was amazing to feel these feathers! Pure joy… It was like a joke, not an agressive attack. This time the reason was my dog, again! She loves to make them run/fly whenever she has noticed they are destroying the garbage bags ( their favourite activity).

I tell you for the end the story about a wild duck. The duck tried to bite off my finger. In winter, one day I went to feed them. I brought to them a sweet yeasty cake. The freeze had been huge and these birds were very hungry. They had been surrounding me and I had the impression they want to eat me. While I was giving the piece of cake to one duck, she attacked my finger – I was very surprised. It must be, they cannot separate a man and food, and they take it as one in their minds. It was terrible, because in the duck’s beak is a big amount  of something similar to tooths. Be aware of that! Luckily, this is a happy end story and I still have this finger. The duck did not swallow it, although I have to admit it was very painful experience.

Sitting in the kitchen: April

Indeed, it had been the most chilly April ever. I remember, in my childhood once it was snowing in the middle of April, but only for two days, and, obviously, it was melting sugar dusting rather than regular snow. .. This year we have not been experiencing snow in April, but the matter is it was very coldy all the month long. I know one person, who is very glad of it – it’s my dog! Having thick, black fur she fares well in chill, but she’s very tired in a summertime.

I’m making pizza from spelt flour for the first time ( yeasty, of course). ( Maybe I will start with a cooking posts here, but later). To be frank, I don’ t like spelt and I’m not sure shall I repurchase it? I’m aware how wholesome this kind of flour is,  although  I like a classic pizza dough much more. Late in the night I hear clearly the sounds of the freight trains, which are at the other shore of the river Vistula…

Recently I saw a hedgehog. I’ve taken the photo, but into the darkness. I’ve been meeting her/him for the long time, about several years I think. Usually I am feeding this hog with my dog’s treats. Taking it very proof, it’s impossible to define, is that one hog or a few hogs… In my mind everytime I think : ” This hog again!”, but I don’t know for sure how many hogs I have been meeting. In general, they eat meat and have a tails. Did you know that? The tails are very short, therefore is really difficult to notice it. Hedgehogs can eat dog’s snacks and canned cat’s food. Here in Poland many people are completely sure that hedgehogs are vege persons, but not. People think that hogs eat an apples, because they remember that “knowledge” from the cartoon books and kiddo’s stories where a hedgehog has been always with an apple … The truth is, that they could eat an apple, and also meat. I’ve known, that hogs are in the habit of hunting for snakes!

In the Easter morning wild boars were here. Big herd it was, and maybe with kiddos because I ‘ve seen how huge is the area of their activity… Splendid! The shore of the pond  has been destroyed. They were digging, digging all the night beetwen the Great Saturday and the Easter Sunday. On the pavement next to the pond , which you know well from my photos, the boars leaved many pieces of  the terrain and grass – such an amazing view ! Fortunately, it seems  like people here rather like them and they don’t feel bothered with that mess. One man who lives here and is a hunter ( very dreadful person, indeed) had been trying hard to spread the hate against boars, but in vain. He went to the local newspaper , and also likes to talk to people here, about his annoying and backward ideas. ( Hunting is a backward idea, isn’t it). Nevertheless, looks like he cannot light the panic. .. I noticed the track of a boar’s hoof  and I captured it, as you see from the start. Do you remember those tracks I had been snapping during last winter?

Lot of birds search for  food in these grooves made by wild boars. Birds are very go-ahead persons, if it comes to eat. The kiddo-swan still remains here. I’m observing him/her ( rather him) day by day. Right now he seems to be adult , so as things go I think he will be gone soon. He will join some bigger group of swans, surely. I will make a post on him soon.