I don’t like February, and, as far as I am concerned, February is the worst month of an year. Therefore I feel happy that this is over now. Here is already spring, with quite warm, longer and sunny days . ( It was even 15 degrees above zero a few days ago). Tomorrow I will bake a spelt buns. I have not yeast at home, so I need to buy. This is much better, while the bread is made at home, don’t you. I’ve read, that in the old times flour was much better than today and spelt had been very popular in Europe, for sure in the Middle Ages. The painting by J. Vermeer ” The Milkmaid” is not that old than the Middle Ages, but I guess in those times bread was also much better than our contemporary chemical bread. ( Here read on the painting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Milkmaid_(Vermeer) )

I saw a fox recently! ( Not a boar this time… ) This fox is almost tame and very beautiful. She/he has been living here for a few years, so from time to time is possible to see her/him. The fox usually strolls among the apartment blocks here, acting like dogs do. Everytime I met this fox I was thinking I see a dog, and after a longer moment I realised it is a fox. I think she/he also feels herself/ himslef a little bit as a dog and this is a useful trick. I see the animal wants to be accepted here and is friendly. I remember two years ago, in the wintertime, and it was after midnight, my sweet dog had decided she will make this fox run. Wow! She almost bited the fox’s tail! But very soon it turned out that the fox is much  better long distance runner than she. ( And I was the last one in that chase). The fox was out of reach!

But this time I had my dog on the leash, so firstly the fox was starring into my eyes for a moment and afterward simply went somewhere into the night, and the moon was shining. .. Here, in Warsaw, we have  quite big number of foxes. The fox I know is friendly and brave, and young. I like him a lot and hope we will meet once again. I might call the fox a friend of mine, because I have seen the animal wants me to feel like that. I know it from this look – very clever animal, indeed.

Panda Bao Bao ( not sure I wrote her name correct) has already arrived to China, and she must spend some time in a cage, so she got nostalgic. And one woman in Canada, who is a restaurant’s owner, discovered some illegal immigrants there, and she gave them breakfast. It was next to the border with the U.S. And the temperature in Lahti for today ( yesterday) was higher than zero. Don’t forget to watch the large hill competitions today! And some gorgeous people in fabulous clothes were standing along with the Queen – that’s because of some common project of the U.K. and India, although I am not big on it, so no details this time. And I am not  mad! In other words I am going to tell you, that this agressive and weird stuff is still in my livingroom. The tv set. ( As  some of you might remember, in my latest post I was wondering should I have a tv set at home or not). Mine tv set is bothering me, and I find it overwhelming ( Bao Bao, the Queen, ski jumping, a restaurant in Canada…) Nevertheless , I cannot do this right now. I cannot throw the tv set out, because I am dead keen on sport. I am completely nut about watching sport in tv! Firstly, these World Championships in Lahti, it is running right now. Secondly, European Athlethic Championship in Belgrade ahead! Not to miss! ( Not to mention about a cycling races, f.ex. Paris – Nice is upcoming soon). Especially I adore runs and I am a massive fan of Genzebe Dibaba.


One winter night I went sleep , that day I captured this last boar’s track this year. And the next day, while I had waken up, I saw it is already spring. Snow had been melting  and I felt that awesome springish warmth. It was amazing! Rain or shine, snow or shine February is a love season for squirrels. Be aware of that, lol. ( This is a squirrel track).


I am not sure I will make my millet’s pudding with a chocolate drops, or maybe I will read a book.  See you soon, guys! Love to be with you.


About kokodynia

My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    I can agree with that February is a dull month, but it has only 28 days, except when it is a leap year. Here in Sweden we have not had the meteorological winter, except for 1 week. The hope is that it will be a nice spring, and summer. :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      February is absolutely dull! March is quite nice, but very windy. Here also the winter was much shorter than usual, but similar situation, like one week long winter, we experienced a year ago. I am watching the Athletic competitions in Belgrade and Poland has first place is medals top lists. We have until now 3 gold medals, one silver and several bronze!!!

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  2. John says:

    Here in Sweden we have mostly looked at the world championships in skiing. Sweden has always had good skiers. Today it is wasa race, 140 kilometers on skis! :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      Wasa Race I know, that is a gorgeous skiing marathon, a few years ago Justyna Kowalczyk had the first place there. I was watching the end of Wasa race today, because we have it in Polish sport tv live. Amazing ! I know Charlotte Kalla is very good and Stina Nilsson, and also you have very young girl, who was in your ski relay in Lahti, she is Abba Anderson or similar… Our Justyna Kowalczyk is ending her awesome career next year and right now she is not that fast like in previous years. I think Sweden is fair play gambler and Poland too, but about Norway here we have many jokes… They are out of reach because of their breathing problems, maybe you know what I mean to say… And look at Therese Johaug, she must stay at home all the season “poor” girl …

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      • John says:

        Wow, you can much about skiing. :) Yes, it´s a young girl who is becoming very good, she is still a junior. Hahaha, we have also so much joke about the Norwegians. I think we always had that, because Sweden rules over Norway in till 1905, and they are like or little siblings. :)

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        • kokodynia says:

          Here is also one girl 16-years old, who is very good in cross -country skiing, especially in sprint, but was not allowed to take a part in that championships in Lahti, because some authorities said she is too young. I think it was not wise and better solution is to launch her to the competition, like you did with this young girl. Our relay it was a tragedy! Kowalczyk was good, but the second runner was creepy and it was unpleasant even to watch it. This “too young” girl should run with Kowalczyk, not this snail :-(
          We have jokes about Germans and Americans but they also have about us. About Norway we have only jokes on cross country skiing :D

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