It seems like is impossible to find the name of the author of this beautiful drawning… My dog is all right now, so she is fluorishing with double energy,  is in very vivid mood and I am still tired and exhausted. It was a real challenge to me to write a few sentences yesterday! Completely lack of time… So if I read your pages later than usual, be patient and wait for me. I think you all expect something about food, if it is “kitchen” in the title of the post, and I only can tell you I already have eaten gorgeous baked feta cheese ( original Greek and bio). This is very simply, country -style dish. You have to get  feta to the casserolle pot, as much as you want to, along with chopped tomatoes and with some dried herbs, I think some Medditerranean herbs, and with a pinch of pepper. I baked it in 160 degrees, but in the recipe is 180. And it tastes amazingly with fresh buns. I want to share my finds:  and . I guess you will glad if you  will give it a try.

Do you want to see our boars? I found on YT lovely video ( seems like everyone here has a video with boars and I am the only one who has not ). Those are not from my place, but also from the town… They do know how to pass the street correct:  and afterward I would recommend for you another video with elk here in Warsaw. He was swimming in the river Wisła ( Vistula) and people had made a great event I don’t know why. It looks like some cellebrities are there: . I hope you like it…

Do you still have a Christmas tree at home? I want to ask by the way, because here in the neighbourhood live some people who are in the habit of taking Christmas tree until Easter. It is impossible not to notice that tree, because it is close to their balcony doors. It looks like they crave us to see their Christmas tree – every weekend they are keeping the lights turned on, and it looks both weird and very nice…


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. What a wonderful recipe…and as for xmas trees, my neighbours still have xmas lights in their house…mine went down just after xmas.

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  2. John says:

    The style of he picture look as it´s from late 1800´s or beginning of he 1900´s. I love to cook, but not only to my self. So I use to buy cooked. But I use to make my meat sauce, spaghetti sauce. I have to brag about it is fantastic good!
    I have only onions, chilli sauce, milk and ground beef in it, and spices. The last five minutes I put in two strong pepperoni in it and let it simmer. I love pasta, and can eat pasta seven days a week. :) My meatloaf and beef stew are also wonderfully tasty, if I do say so myself. :) But that was a long time since I cooked them. But as I said, so boring to cook for my self…

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    • kokodynia says:

      I found this picture on Pinterest, you’re right it must be some vintage picture. I love to cook both for my family and for me only! It sounds delicious what you’re talking about your meat sauce :-) I also like pasta and various noodles and for today I cook German style noodles / dumplings we call it knedle. The dough is with flour and white cheese and is stuffed with an apricots. Then you need to make a vanilla sauce, like people in Germany and here in Poland do. Here it is popular in Silesia and Cracow. I simply adore it ! Although if you want it as a dish for a few person making it is very time-consuming :)

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