Tracks on snow



Come on guys, let me know, what do you think about? In my opinion it is a deer’s hoof-print, but I am not big on it. I captured it today, while I was walking the dog as usual. Maybe it is a boar’s track? I found these in a place, where boars have been visiting often, and also deers are accustomed to eat leaves there. Really hard to say!

A few years ago I saw two young deers in this spot. It was after midnight and I was with my old dog, who was a male dog and I had been keeping him on the leash. The deers were frightened seeing my dog and started to run. It was really slippery, because it happened also in winter an the temperature was next to zero degrees. One deer had been rolled over on the road and a car was dangerously close to her… I started to panic, but the driver turned out to be a quick one and he stopped the car as well… I was afraid she had broken leg, because it was difficult for her to stand up, but after a while she was running with the other through the park!


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        • Indeed, recently I met the alone boar, that huge male one, we call male boar “odyniec”… I was there a few hours ago and I have got one photo with my leg also, so it is visible how big this track is! I will publish it soon :-)
          Sometimes we are meeting two young boars, sometimes 5 persons, bigger herd, and sometimes this one odyniec is here.

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        • I have never seen a boar here, and we have more that 200,000! I want to meet some and take some shots of them. :) But I think yours boar are more “tame” ours are very shy. I have seen many tracks after them, here they have slept, and looking for food. One day I will sit on a place where I know I can see boars, and wait, but patience is´t my passion, I´m a restless person. :D

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        • John, please be carefull! I think is’s a gorgeous idea to snap some pictures of them, but if they’re not a tame ones, better for you is to sit on a tree, ha ha!
          Or in a car, like those who are looking for grizzly on Alaska :-)
          I am not a person, who like to wake up early in the morning… While sun is rising is the best time to take a photo of a deer or boar :)

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