J. Chełmoński ” Kuropatwy na śniegu” source


No snow this year.

I think we should forget  the old times and white Christmas, because we already have not been having snow for several years. Seems like we will travel to the mountains in the future, while we will want to see how does it look … That wind from the North Pole did not come. As you have known from my older post, I was expecting it because of the weather report, which turned out to be not true and rain was falling all the time, instead of freeze. And I saw the boar! ( And I saw  him again!). He was very massive, similar for a mammoth! Very similar for a mammoth! ( Please, believe me guys, because I am not kidding and this is true)… The fur on the top of him was sticking up, so I guess he  was frightened ( really not good). In my opinion, it was rather old, male wild- boar, who is accustomed to walk alone. I noticed him late in the evening, or in the night even, it was about midnight… Last Monday or Tuesday – it does not matter… The matter is that he feels good here, very good I see, and it looks like he will visit my close neighbourhood very often. He simply likes us… He is like a mammoth! From the other side, is quite friendly and calm. He was running not so fast, from the spot where our post office is, and it is next to the park… Not so fast, along the kindergarten fence, and, believe me, the sight is very unusual, both like a dream and really livening up! He passed by close to us and I am still alive and my silly dog too. ( She started woofing a minute later, and luckily while he was closer was staring at him only). Once you meet a boar you feel yourself as a primeval human – like a member of the Flinstones family at least! Then I heard loudy screaming… Men were screaming ” Dzik! Dzik!” ( it means boar in Polish). It was from that place he was running to. They were really scared, and later one woman told me, that these boars are in the habit of wandering here also in the morning. Good for snapping some photos, although I cannot promise for sure… Ha, ha! Wild – boar!

Well, guys, while Christmas is ending it is still not too late to say Merry Christmas everyone! I planned this post to be on Polish Christmasy customs and I know I  keep you hanging on, but I must told you about boar first. Picture a wild boar, who is in a Santa sleigh instead of a reindeers. He is stopping next to you and speaks with human voice: ” Ho- ho! Merry Christmas, dear!”. I am not big on Polish traditions, to be frank… I might tell tou rather more about my grandma kitchen, which was with strong Austrian influences. She had plastic Christmas tree from Vienna and all the furnitures were from Vienna, too… Tomorrow I ‘ll be back with that!


J. Fałat Winter Landscape source :


P.S. If you are new on here, and you are not afraid of a boar you might like this story, and also that story. Enjoy!


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    We had 3 years with really hard and long winter here in Sweden. 2012 and 2013 we had so much snow and it last for 3 months. I don´t miss the snow, well, some weekend it can be white so I can have some winter pictures :D

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    • kokodynia says:

      I remeber something very wird about 10 years ago. It was very mild winter, from those we call ‘ very long fall”, and then in the end of February snow came and it was snowy to the end of April. Of April!!!
      Today here in Warsaw is a hurricaine Barbara and I heard that all the ferries to Sweden are stopped:-)

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      • John says:

        It is not unusual that it snows here, in southern Sweden, in April if it is a cold spring. But it disappears quickly. In northern Sweden, it can snow in June!
        We had the hurricane here as well, very windy, we call the hurricane Urd. Öresund bridge to Denmark was shut down. We had wind gusts of over 30 meters per second. but the hurricane moved to Norway. :)

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        • kokodynia says:

          Here is also calm right now and seems it is completely gone. In Poland it snows in April sometimes but this is melting snow or something between snow and rain, but this time I told before it was snow on the terrain in April, and it was the only one time in my life I have seen it!
          I have never been onto this bridge, but on the pictures it looks amazing. I like a lot Baltic Sea, as well. Water is creepy cold but is beautiful :)

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