I have seen the weather report and they said that! Air from the North Pole is just around the corner… This time we use to say that Christmas is just around the corner, or, you know, Santa Claus is just around the corner, but it seems like freezy wind is coming first… I have already got is today, here in Warsaw. Such chilly weather! I went strolling with my lovely dog and I have absolutely enough… They said in tv that this week every next day will be much colder, and look, today  is Monday! I don’t want even think about Friday or Saturday… Spooky! They said that in Friday the temperature will -15, but I hope not in Warsaw. ( Here in Poland the place where the temperature is always lower is north-eastern Poland, that means Masuria and The Białowieża Wood, and the town Suwałki. And while someone has been said ” Minus 20 is coming!” a popular answer is : ” It must be about Suwałki, calm down!” )

I have been in Suwałki one time and a several years ago. In July – was cold, as well.

We are in the anticipation of Christmas and I already finished my book about Mariacki Church in Kraków, so my next post will on it. I was thinking about this site and I have decided to write more about Polish heritage,art, history and about my old dream of being transported to another era. (And also about houses, but rather modern houses and interiors). Imagine, you are in Cracow for the winter trip and snow is deeper and deeper and then you are in another era… Seems like in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages in Kraków, in the Main Square! See you there next time….


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. Well it looks like your gorgeous dog is lovely and warm inside. Very special.

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  2. John says:

    Nice dog you have :) Here is the weather really fickle. One day it is 3-4 degrees below zero, the second 6-7° warm! I don´t miss winter weather with snow, it can be some degreed over zero, but same time I want snow because it´s so beautiful and it light up the dark. Your town is much bigger then the town I live in, Kristianstad, but we have the nature only 10 minutes walk from city. Our visitor centre is only 5 minutes walk from train station, and there is nature as long you can see :) We have also 2 otters who live in visitor centre´s area in winter, there is fish in abundance that it can hunt. The otter disappeared from southern Sweden due to emissions, has come back, show that the water has been very good here :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      An otter needs very good water to be happy, well, to survive! This is the sign you have a perfect water there :-). I have to check are they here in Poland somewhere… Thank you in the name of my dog! She is a mix of border -collie and something unknown. She does consider my bed as her own and sometimes I find there her biscuits. She is in the habit of keeping her snacks in my bed, but she has also her bed for dogs, I purchased for her in a pet shop. So she has two places for hiding snacks. Recently I found also money in her bed, but not much ( coins only). It must be lovely to live in not a very big town. My grandma was born in Nowy Sącz, the town not big, not small here , near the mountains Beskidy and maybe I will live there in the future… Well, I have seen the weather report today, in another tv, and they said that it will not that spooky, much warmer luckily :-)

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      • John says:

        I saw that your dog have border collie in her. That breed are very clever and active. I miss my dog that I left when I moved here to Kristianstad. I can´t get any now either because I´m from home to long for work. About the weather, our country´s weather service, SMHI, own by the state is so bad, they change report in some hours. When I was young they had better reports, and that without days technology. There is a weather diagnostic in Denmark who shall be the best in the world, forgot the name.

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        • kokodynia says:

          This not true weather report I saw was also from the national tv, ha ha! Maybe it’s some universal rule… They said it will about minus 15 and rain is falling and is quite warm. I know this is the problem with having dogs … I always could ask my mother to take care of my dog, because she lives nearby, but I want to open a shop in the future and I will work with my dog :-)

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