Sitting in the kitchen: November

I was into milk.

During two days. Really, fog was so huge anf very thick. Down, on the streets, it was even not that amazing, but here behind my windows, it was complete milk. ( I mentioned earlier that I live very high). Zero visibility. That was very beautiful experience, and in addition, it was quite warm. The night was warm and without wind, so I had been wanting to wander along with my dog. I went, and from the beggining I met a man who told me, that this big boar is strolling very nearby! ( I find it very helpful, while people here are warning each other, don’t you).  In November wild boars have their love season and I thought they will stay in the forest, but I was wrong with that… Good to know!  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… Ha, ha. I went in another direction and there were only a martens.

In the beggining of the month it was very cold here for a few days, what is unusual. It was even snowing a little bit, but not much. Comparing with those sights I have seen in tve about snow in Tokyo, it was next to nothing. This is very rare here in Warsaw, snow in November. The weather had gotten warmer afterward , the temperature was even 10C, and I saw a lemon butterfly! Insects, flowers, and actually is snow , again. And windy! So I’m preparing chicken in my owen and I already made a celery soup. My dog has been moulting for some time and I got tons of fur, but this is absolutely normal thing.


The Independence Day


It’s been a while since my last post, so here I go again! I had a cold and afterward I was up to elbow. This is natural, that after a break every duties and things-to-do are overwhelming… Today is The Independence Day here in Poland. In Europe it is rather the day of the end of the IWW, but here we have special national day. Being in Warsaw, like me, is better to stay at home this day, ( especially  if you need to drive the car), because the traffic is very odd. Is difficult to reach another district. The number of  the patriotic demonstrations are quite huge, and we have a wide variety of these –  the nationalists have their demonstration, so  the leftists also want to have their own, and the official events, etc… In general, they’re not agressive or dangerous ( I think it is rather for teens and students ), and I must say Poland is very safe country, if compare with the US. The problem is rather that these events and marches , and marathon, and soldier’s parade, and concerts, are moving all day long and across the city. It cannot be in a one place, because is better to separate these radical  demonstrations. So the city is taken for many hours, and in addition every shops are closed, and this year wet and awful snow is falling. Very chilly day! Snow is melting and I am waiting for the football match Romania- Poland. It seems like big challenge!

New posts are coming, guys! See you soon!