Black, huge birds from the North have arrived! This is a high autumn already. I like these birds a lot, because of their  serious appearance,both with their voice. The sounds they give are also serious and dramatic – this is something like of the throat “A!” , “A!” ( very funny). It makes an amazing atmosphere! I guess, these big, black birds must live somewhere on the North, in the Scandinavia and near the White Sea in Russia. I’ve been expecting them every year … Hundreds of birds, and such a noise! They are usually sitting on the trees here, in the afternoon, and is better not to walk under these trees… I always avoid this area. Really huge number of birds!

I love to  sit in my kitchen and watch birds by the window. ( Here is not far from the river, and next to two ponds, so lot of wild ducks are passing my window – due to I live very high). This is like a documentary, this sight!


Recently I had very yummy food, so I was watching birds and having my feast at the same time! On these images below you will see… Quiche with celery, walnuts and Roquefort cheese, ruskie pierogi ( pierogies stuffed with a mix of white cheese, pepper, potatoes and onion) … These are cooked and if you have enough, that you keeping for the next day, it’s even better to fry it a bit on the frying pan. These dumplings on the display are from the catering industry – homemade are usually smaller than these. This is very popular catering dish in Poland, and also schaboszczak ( pork steak, breading with a breadcrumbs and fried – similar to German schnitzel ). I have to buy schaboszczak for the next time. There is quite good catering store a stone throw from my house! I have also Italian sweet cream with pistachios and gorgeous honey with French edible chestnuts. And I am drinking my ginger drink in a jar!!! I must be a freak. ( Or maybe I drink it in a glass more often, but I wanted this picture to be artisan/hipster/ boho a little bit…

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So isn’t bad, don’t you.


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    Don´t you eating boar, they taste very good :) In Christmas we have our traditional food and the ham is a must. I love ham gratin in oven and in Christmas time i sure eat 4-5 hams and everyone about 3-4 kilos, by my self. :) I never eat them in the rest of the year, maybe one or twice in eastern, so I don´t get tired of them :) Same with our Julmust, its a Swedish soft drink we drink in Christmas time. For many years ago we also have Påskmust, same drink in easter time but different name. I love this drinks, and in Christmas time Coke don´t sell so much, even they have so much advertising in media. I don´t like Christmas since many years, just the food. We have stockfish that I love, with strong mustard sauce. In 1989 we had a company party in Christmas in the ferry to east Germany and it was the east Germany bout we had the bad luck to get. The food was terrible, was not one dish who was Swedish, the ham was consisted of fat and the meatballs was cooked, frikadell. But we had free drinks, beer, whiskey and what we wanted. :D


  2. kokodynia says:

    Don’t tell me about eating boars, I highly am asking you! ( Once I did, but it was in my childhood, I was in the restaurant with my grandparents anf I had ordered boar steak, but I tell you, nothing special, and I do prefer to see them alive)

    I know a bit about this Swedish custom of spending some great time on a boat, ha, ha! I know one girl, who was working in Sweden – every weekend they spend on a boat to Finland and I saw lot of pics, very interesting, indeed :-)

    Christmas time in Poland is also gorgeous time for food lovers. We eat a carp, and barszcz ( beetroot soup), and pierogies for the Christmas Eve, and then many other goodies, but I want to make a special post on it… Stockfish with strong mustard sauce can be good! It sounds well!

    I like Christmas and I have to say I don’t like hunting, and I don’t want to feel pain, talking about it.


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