Chlorophyll and autumn





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    • Here in Poland is a belief, that all of you in Scandianvia have such a mood during autumn and winter, and that’s becouse of the lack of light… I don’t know is that true, or maybe you are an exception? I even like winter, this is very cosy time to be at home:)

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        • I know you are in the South! Wait, I will check here…For today sunrise is 7:08, sunset is 17:32, and f.ex. 15 December -sunrise 7:40 and sunset 15:24, after Christmas it is becoming longer. So I don’t know why you hate these seasons, if it’s not the lack of light :-)

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        • Since I start to photographed for couple of years ago I appreciate autumn for its wonderful colour. But it´s cold and it´s dark when you go to work and dark when you come home. Spring and summer is the best seasons. :)

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        • If I must say I don’t like any season of an year, I don’t like early spring, you know, March and first week of April. This is annoying while you wish for warm days, you expect sunshine and after a week of spring winter is back. It could happen!
          I remeber a few years ago, I had been on disemployment for some time and I woke up in the midday in winter, because I love it. But if you are waking up in winter, in the middle of the day is darkness or dusk, and I think is like living on the North. Being still into the darkness I felt not good :-)

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