In the previous post I said, that October is a dream, but, you know, the situation has changed, and even quite fast… While I was expecting with joy, that I will wear my summery clothes for two weeks or something like this, this stunning weather has rolled into creepy, rainy, windy and chilly last two days. Oh, no!


This image has been taken not in these days, it’s older, although this is the only one image of a natural disaster here. This is next to my apartment block. These lime trees are very young and is easy to break it or to wrinkle. ( For wind is easy, obviously, I’ve never tried!)

So, I think I should write more posts. I will! By now is very good time to return to the kitchen. I had baked spelt cookies with dried tomatoes and we ate it today. And the central heating is already working, at last! Here, in Poland, if you have to live in an apartment block, you cannot turn on or out the central heating. And some creepy people are in the habit of asking the administration for  not to turn it  on, because they don’t want to pay the higher bills.

Recently, I came across a few absolutely idiotic posts about Poland, or rather about Polish culture. The most interesting thing in it is, that those were written by Poles! By some Polish immigrants, who are based in the US or in the UK ( “na wyspach” – it means “on the islands”, in Poland people call GB and Ireland ” na wyspach”). This is so sad! And also this is rather a long story… I want most to write my own post about Polish culture. I have found it as a mistake, while sameone is describing her family customs and then claims it as Polish culture…


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    What you say about Polish people talk bad about Poland I have experience about. For couple of years ago I had a girlfriend from Poland and she had nothing good to say about her home country. She came to Sweden as adult, her father paid much to get her a passport, she said. I think Poland with the inhabitants is a nice country. Every country is different, which is good, how boring had it been if we all have been the same? :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      Yes, because it’s popular here to talk bad things about the homeland, when you became an immigrant or a refugee! I can understand, that some time ago Poland was not a dreamland, but in these last years we made real progress and right now is much easier to stay here. This is too the matter of money, which are always less here, even if you are working hard all day. I know a woman, who is a young nurse, but with higher education, and she had no flat. She came to Ireland for five years and then she returned Warsaw and she purchased quite big flat in a good district. Here, she will work about 20 years for it, so she must get it with hire purchase, what is very expensive . So this is the main reason people talk bad thing about Poland, I suppose. Btw, it’s weird her father had paid for the passport for your girlfriend… I see, he had paid in some not official way , because the money you have to pay in the office are rather nominal:D

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      • John says:

        Yes, it was not official. Money talks, and in every country, here in Sweden to.

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        • kokodynia says:

          Here in Poland, in the past era, it was very difficult to get a passport :-(
          I know one girl, I was going on the classes with her, while I was at the university. She was originally from Gdańsk, her husband too, and they had very little kid. This man had lived with the baby 2 y.o. alone in Stockholm and she lived in Warsaw because she “wanted to finish the study”. She had been travelling to Sweden very often to see the family and she told me many things about living in your country. The payments are much higher and the costs of many things, are even lower than here. They were interested in buying a house next to Stockholm, so they sold their apartment here and still wanted a partly hire. She told me the hire in Sweden is much easier than here… Many advanteges, you know… The only one thing a bit dangerous for us, overall in Scandinavia, is the protection of some social workers, if you have a little kid !( Especially in Norway, it’s Bjarnevernet or similar). They could take your kid, but from the other side, it’s weird, that a mother is studying abroad, while kid is a newborn baby, so I understand they had the protection…

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