October usually is beautiful and warm. The autumnal air is fresh and livening up, the colours are like a dream.



This is amazing, that I can wear sandals and summer dresses in October, again! The temperatures are summery, even late in the night…


So, what is not to love?



About kokodynia

My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    Beautiful pictures :) You can feel the autumn in them. Before I started to photograph a few years ago I hated the fall. Now, I appreciate it for all the colours :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      I remember a few years ago, I was watching in Internet one place in Sweden, but it was not your town, somewhere in the North it was – but I forgot the name… In October I had been observing even snow! So early!
      Although it was so sweet and lovely experience to watch it, such an empty streets, not crowded, calm and beautiful. I was making a cup of coffee and while I was there for a half an hour I often saw no one on the street!!! You are lucky because of it!

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      • John says:

        It happened that it snow in June in the north part of Sweden, I live in the south of Sweden and use to joke that all land above Stockholm we can sell to Russia, because it is not habitable. :D

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        • kokodynia says:

          The South is absolutely same as Poland, when it comes to talk about the weather, wild nature, animals etc.
          This is everything in changes now, think about the global warming, so maybe is better not to sell it. In the Northern Russia I want to visit the land Karelia one day, this is next to Finland. Very beautiful wild nature is there! In Sweden I know that lots of bears are living above Stockholm, I wanted to see them by the livestream, but in vain :-)

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        • John says:

          I had a chief when I worked at Volvo, he was a big Finnish man and came from karelia, Finland’s part. He had a tame bear when he was a kid and his father, over 2 meters tall and about 130 kilo, use to wrestle with it. But when the bear was 2 years old his father have no chance and they didn’t dare to have it any more. Even if bears is playing so play they so hard as they play with other bears. But the bear was as a puppy, follow them everywhere.

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  2. kokodynia says:

    I think is better to watch a bear via livestream than to wrestle with him, lol :)


  3. paintdigi says:

    Very nice
    you have a artist taste 😉

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