Sitting in the kitchen: October

Black, huge birds from the North have arrived! This is a high autumn already. I like these birds a lot, because of their  serious appearance,both with their voice. The sounds they give are also serious and dramatic – this is something like of the throat “A!” , “A!” ( very funny). It makes an amazing atmosphere! I guess, these big, black birds must live somewhere on the North, in the Scandinavia and near the White Sea in Russia. I’ve been expecting them every year … Hundreds of birds, and such a noise! They are usually sitting on the trees here, in the afternoon, and is better not to walk under these trees… I always avoid this area. Really huge number of birds!

I love to  sit in my kitchen and watch birds by the window. ( Here is not far from the river, and next to two ponds, so lot of wild ducks are passing my window – due to I live very high). This is like a documentary, this sight!


Recently I had very yummy food, so I was watching birds and having my feast at the same time! On these images below you will see… Quiche with celery, walnuts and Roquefort cheese, ruskie pierogi ( pierogies stuffed with a mix of white cheese, pepper, potatoes and onion) … These are cooked and if you have enough, that you keeping for the next day, it’s even better to fry it a bit on the frying pan. These dumplings on the display are from the catering industry – homemade are usually smaller than these. This is very popular catering dish in Poland, and also schaboszczak ( pork steak, breading with a breadcrumbs and fried – similar to German schnitzel ). I have to buy schaboszczak for the next time. There is quite good catering store a stone throw from my house! I have also Italian sweet cream with pistachios and gorgeous honey with French edible chestnuts. And I am drinking my ginger drink in a jar!!! I must be a freak. ( Or maybe I drink it in a glass more often, but I wanted this picture to be artisan/hipster/ boho a little bit…

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So isn’t bad, don’t you.

Blogging with my dog

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You see, that is not easy to blogging, while my dog craves to lick my face, or she wants me to scratch her tummy. Thus, I let her win this time! No boars toady, but I went shopping to the supermarket, have spent few hours there and I’m so tired.

The rain has set in and the weather is very autumnal. I thought I will read the book on Mariacki Altar in Cracow, because I am making the post, but I guess that she wants to play with me.

Tame boar at Polish farm

I want you to know, that it’s not a blog on wild boars, but simply I cannot resist, cannot help myself… Another boar’s post! Isn’t he cute?

And I have a spooky, bloodcurdling story, again! I had invited my Mom for a supper, yesterday. She was walking near my house and it was not too late, between 20:00 and 20:30. The streets were empty because of chilly, unpleasant rain… She noticed ” alone dog”, you know ( who was not a dog, in fact). She started to watch, and stopped, and was looking around , thinking : ” The owner must be here…” And in this moment she realised, that this is a boar! So early!

He, or she, ( but rather he, if alone) was running a while and then did hide himself into the decorative plants and bush, and disappeared into the darkness…