Horse chestnuts and chilly days


Suddenly, the brilliant heatwave I have been posting about, has switched into much colder days… Right now I anticipate some heavy rains, although today is sunny.


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    • Usual chestnuts are not edible, and I have in my dictionary, that non edible chestnut is a horse chestnuts, maybe this is some official name of it. So I have been wanted to mention that these are not edible. You know, for us this is obvious, but in many countries if you say chestnut people want to eat it :-)
      I saw this water chestnut in some YT channel about Asian food, they said that it tastes a bit like chocolate!

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      • The name is horse chestnut! I have never noticed the name, only thought it was common chestnut or something. I Goggle chestnut and the name horse chestnut came. The edibles name is sweet chestnut, but in Sweden we say genuine chestnut. :) Horse chestnut is poison and only some dears and horses can eat them, they think the name came from that horses could eat them.

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