I have been there many times, too… I am looking at this image and I am still hesitant, whether it was taken in 60’s. It seems like that, I suppose so due to these outfits, so adorable! ( My father does not remember when he took this photo)


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. The Wayfarer says:

    That lighting! Magical!

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  2. John says:

    I´m impressed of the quality of the pictures. So old and so good. In that time they used analogue cameras and editing program was not even a name :D The photographers have to be very skilled and had to know if they light was good enough, the background, yes everything, it´s not as today. I use to take at least 300-400 pictures every time I´m out and shoot. We are very spoiled with our SLR cameras :) I´m member of a photo club and once we had a guest who had worked as photographer in 40 years. He told a story when he bought a new camera, don´t remember the name, but it was a Japanese made quality camera. He had it for 6 month and it was a fantastic camera. He shoot weddings to and he got a assignment to shoot. He sent the film reel, three, to the laboratory. They called for a few days and said that all the pictures were white! sweat began to flow and he almost passed out.He got luck, representatives from the same camera companies were in Sweden, he contacted them and they paid it all, new photography, the luxury hotel to the married couple, clothes and other things. He got a new camera, but had the old left and it never happened again. This was the 70’s. So compare today’s photographer with this in the time of analogue, it+s not fair, they had the real feeling and had never a second chance as we have :) Your dad is very good, Kokodynia :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      John, tell me, am I also good, because all of my images here are also from old analogue photo-camera, some japanese Olympus… While I wanted to sell it I had checked is costs about 2 US dollars, so I started this blog and I still use it…
      My dad had russian Zenith, this is not a bad camera. Obviously, this story you told me is spooky, especially that it had happened at work, but I am still in love with analogues vintage cameras :-)

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  3. John says:

    You are a better photography then me who can handle an analogue camera on that way! With analogue you only get one chance but with SLR camera you can take…well, depend how big memory card you have and the battery´s capacity. I use to take about 400-500 pictures when I´m out. As I said before, I´m very impressed of you who take so good pictures, with analogue you can´t edit them either so everything must be perfect, many things to think about. Do you have any plans to begining to shoot with an SLR camera?

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    • kokodynia says:

      I don’t think so, you are very good photographer in my opinion and I loved your site! I am using this vintage camera for long time, so I have all the images well done – this is the matter of experience. From the other side, I think this camera is simply good, even if is cheap, if you want to sell it.
      I want to buy a new photo-camera, but I think I will still use this old one. I have the feeling, like I am transported in another era, you know, this is like being a kid again…

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  4. mirandavoice says:

    This picture contains all the elements of nature .., very beautiful indeed.

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