It’s an incredibly and very beautiful mix of heat and falling leaves! While falling, yellow leaves are undoubtly autumnal, a heatwave is a summer thing. And a cross between Summer and Fall is awesome. This is something new! I am really enjoying it! This is unique in the middle of September, at least in Poland… We rarely experience a weather like this, and for me this is big joy. As I have mentioned a several times, I am an unabashed lover of a heat wave. I love sunny days and air, which is so hot,  that you feel it is like a wall you are breaking. This is marvellous to walk down the street in this thick air ( although my dog does not agree with this opinion). Thus, we were walking ( I and my dog) yesterday, in the midday, and I have been looking at some people, who were getting a sunbath there. They were next to water, wearing swimming suits, and all of them were surrounded by yellow leaves. Such a view!

Maybe this is the future? I have read some article in ‘Newsweek” ( some time ago) – thus, in hundred years’ time in Siberia will be growing peach trees. Do you believe in it? Is that story  only a somebody’s imagination, which is going big time? Who knows what is in store for us?

Anyhow, heat wave is good for me. ( And my dog is still looking forward for any water to jump in and for bulrush to hide in – great hideout from sunshine). Lot of people here use to treat this weather as insane and they’re afraid that it may worsen the health. ( And while is chilly and rainy they are also very thrilled). As far as I’m concerned this heat is healing for me, and I find it very regenerative. My love for sun has never been so strong! And I’ve heard the latest weather report – it will change in a week. So sad! Once I see sun rays glistening in water I feel happy. I adore it! Sometimes I stare in amazement on it ( and my dog is still looking forward for some place to cool herself). I picture that I’m somewhere in Mediterranean city, where you can wear t-shirt in November. Several years ago in Warsaw was the day, in early November, when I had worn sandals and my summer jacket. It was 20+ C – very weird, indeed. Usually November is heavily autumnal month… Then is Autumn, is Autumn, is Autumn, which has been rolling into … Spring! In March. ( With some short break, about 2 weeks, for a thing a little bit similar for wintertime). So this is how the things are going on…

Marvellous, that summer is back in a big way!


About kokodynia

My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. John says:

    I had a dog for many years ago, but when i changed work I had to be from home 12 hours so I had to give it away :( It was a big dog, a mix of Tervueren and German Shepherd. It never barks at people or other dogs, always went without a leash. It always obeyed me and was really quite amazing. Btw, I like your blog very much, you don´t just add pictures, you tell a story about the pictures too :)

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    • kokodynia says:

      Thank you, and I am going to tell longer stories, as well!
      Sorry about your dog, this is very long time for an animal to spend alone at home… I try to get a job, when I will take my dog with me. I had before also big dog, mixed breed, with something from German Shepard, but he was yellow. Although he must walked on leash, due to his crazy ideas to fight with other dogs. I had been learning a lot how to stop a dog’s fight. This is good to catch him on his tail and pull him away from another dog. Despite of it, he was very obey and was my lovely fellow:)

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