Thus, August is ending and I completely forgot about this post, so I go with it right now! I am going to tell you a little bit about Cracow ( Kraków) and also about  the krakowiak dance, which you can watch in here. Krakowiak is a man, who lives in Kraków, and this is also the name of one of the most famous Polish  folk dances. In my private opinion this dance is the best from quite wide selection of folk dances from Poland. These women are singing: ” Płynie Wisła, płynie, po polskiej krainie! A dopóki płynie, Polska nie zaginie!” – what we can translate as Wisła the river ( Vistula) flows through Polish land and as long as Wisła will flow Poland is never lost. Afterward, this man is singing: ” Żebyście poznali prawego Polaka będę sobie śpiwał, tańczył krakowiaka!” . This is like ” I want you to know a right Pole, so I will singing and dancing krakowiak ” So, this is warm, independent song, which makes your soul feel better and always melts your heart, if you are a Pole. I do love it! The music is fantastic. And take a look for these words “prawego Polaka”. Prawy in modern language is only right in the technically meaning, like left and right. Neverthelles, this is some older text, and in this story “prawy” is rather good, honest or responsible.

And at this point my problems start. My heart is broken and I have been wondering for the long time, whether to remain in Warsaw or to find new place for life. I don’t want to live anywhere in EU after Brexit, so for sure I will spending my lifetime in Poland. ( Not that bad option, safe country, no disasters, and no one will kill me because I am from Poland, like today in The UK one Polish man has been killed ). Due to my ancestors are highlanders and  originaly from Kraków you may think, that I should go  there. Frankly, deep in my heart I feel that this culture is close to me and even I belong to the city, in some spiritual sense. This is a profound feeling, and more down-to- earthed I  know, that people from Cracow don’t like people from Warsaw. In the past, Cracow was the capital city of Poland and by now we are the capital city, although everybody in Poland calls Cracow a Royal Town, you know, – this is maybe the reason. I think it’s similar to the story of Lisbon and Porto in Portugal – I mean, two main towns and some rivarly and comparisons. It must be going on everywhere in the world… So, I am aware of the possibility of some dislike. Much easier to be a tourist in this lovely city than a newcomer from Warsaw.

I am so close to the river Wisła at the moment. I am at home and I am having delicious crumble made with prunes and cane sugar. The fume is all around! Imagine, that at the river shore are standing a few wild boars and this is the beginning of another stroll under the moonlight. ( Some creepy man called the police recently and we have warnings on the buildings, lol) Tomorrow I will bake a casserole with zucchini and mozarella cheese. Night night guys!



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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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