Getting to the frescoed, 1,000-year-old cave churches of Ethiopia’s Gheralta Mountains requires climbing sheer rock walls and skirting cliff edges – all without so much as a rope.

Source: In Ethiopia, an adrenaline-filled act of faith

A journey to Ethiopia has been my big dream for so long! Nevertheless, being still on my “where-to-travel” list, this epic voyage is also still far away from me, due to many duties and lack of time. I really don’t want to go there in a stupid way, with some travel agency, although I don’t want to feel insecure … I need it as a spiritual adventure and with my keen on art eye, I don’t  need any creepy companions, I mean people, who are in the habit of buying everything tacky and garish at some local market place. I crave plan this journey by myself. So I have been looking for the informations, which are useful for me. Especially I am interested in the Ethiopian Orthodoxy and its religious art. While my country, Poland, was baptised about thousand years ago, in 966, Ethiopia has their christianity much older, what really had impressed me. The Ethiopian Orthodoxy is not the same with Russian nor Greek Orthodoxy. In Ethiopia thet have their own, Coptic Pope, and 2,ooo years old tradition.

Thus, I do recommend this link to you.

This is the story and some stunning images of little known, frescoed cave churches in the mountains. If someone wants to reach this caves, must climb sheer rock walls, only with a rope! And some of these churches are more than 1,000 years old! And more you would read under the link…


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