dzik pije kawę

Wild- boar is everywhere ! Seems like he even likes our companionship ( throwing bags, buns, fun), although he has decided to impose his own rules into this world nowadays. This is  great wild-boar’s run for an urban space!

Listen to what people have been telling me in these days:

  1. Boar, who was going to the night shop: Thus, I ‘ve told about my adventure to one man, who is living in the same building. He responded to me, that he saw him from the balcony, one time into the night. He was standing there because he was watching martens,  our other guests, very nice, indeed ( my dog is mad about them, what means running with lightspeed ). He had realised that they have eaten the isolation layer on the bottom on his car, and simply wanted to observe how do they run among our cars on the parking. Although… His eye was caught by some strange “dog”, who was walking down the street, like he wanted to visit the night shop ( ” Alcohol 24″). In this area is also night bus stop , so all night long you can meet some people there ( who are worsen than boars, very often). Indeed, it was a boar, not a dog! Such a cheekiness! He was walking onto lighted street, the unabashed guy!
  2. Desirable tulips: So romantic, don’t you mind? Although wild-boars are mad about only one part of the plant and this is a bulb. Oh, such a crazy nights ! It seems always like a teamwork, because of huge sizes of the activity. Here, in Warsaw, is very popular to sow tulips along the streets and to make big flowerbeds with tulips in many parks. Whenever this is done, is very possible that one day, in the morning, while the sun is rising, our eyes will catch with the splendid view of just plowed field. And we will hear happy grunting from the side, where the wood is. Breakfast is already eaten! And I’ve heard the story, that they had found these tulip’s bulbs into the community gardens here. Nobody knows how they did it, but bulbs disappeared.
  3. To the pub!: Thus, not only tulip’s bulbs are worthwhile snacks. This is well known that boars love buns. Cheap, made from wheat flour, ordinary buns, we call it ” kajzerka”. It’s the thing, which is easy to reach in every area, where humans are. So an environment with humans could be helpful for boars, isn’t it. No reason to attack them, while they probably have buns! And very good, perfect place for asking for buns and waiting is near the pub… I have heard the interesting story about two young wild-boars, who were in the habit of wandering around the pub, and the small pond here. Mens have been throwing ” kajzerka” buns for them, and later one boar even came into the pub’s garden, walking onto the driveway for disabled persons. Afterward the pub has fallen into bankruptcy. Hard to say, what was the reason. Anyhow, boars still like to visit this place. ( Several flowerbeds with tulips are here). In these days, one huge boar had been attacking a woman with dog, later in the evening.
  4. Wiener- dogs at the nighttime: Darkness is a good time for boars. It makes them brave and cheeky. I think, these animals are quite smart, and they must know, that is very difficult to watch or catch them into the night. Hitherto, nobody did it! Although my neighbour , who must be not very wise man, had decided, that his wiener-dogs will hunting, while he noticed two big boars, standing next to the building ( by the way, in the same place, I was following). At the moment, one of these dogs, he has two dogs, started to make big noise. Mindless behaviour it was, that he freed the dogs from leash. Obviously, they have been following them, and boars ran away to the wood. And these dogs went there together with boars! He had been waiting two hours for his wiener-dogs, late in the night, in seriously despair, that they will never go back. Fortunately, wiener-dogs are clever ones, so, after long time, they were back. Luckily, not bited and alive, looks like they were simply strolling somewhere while their owner was shivering from fear ( and cold). Or maybe they were following the scent…

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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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