Being a huge food lover I use to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Actually I am preparing big chicken for my family. I am sitting near the oven and wondering whether anything called ” polish cousine” does exist… Surely in Poland we have quite huge number of national dishes, it’s obvious, but for me the matter is that firstly: a lot of these dishes are also known in another countries as national dishes ( great example – pierogi ( pierogies), which are  simply dumplings ) and the second thing: it depends mostly on the region, what is considered as national dish in Poland.

Here in Warsaw is a melting pot, like in every big, vivid town in the world. I live in Warsaw all my life, but my mother is originally from Southern Poland and she loves to cook like people in Cracow do. On the South Austrian influences are still very flourishing, and aditionally my grandparents had been living in Vienna for long time, about ten years, so my childhood was full of a bit Austrian food, like  homemade, delicious Apfelstrudel every Sunday afternoon. Another grandma was originally from Sankt- Petersburg and her specialite de la maison was supertasty strawberries jelly, but I don’t mind it’s especially Russian dish. I think she rather had known this from the US, due to she had been travelling to Texas very often.

I like pizza, coffee with frothing milk, green matcha latte, bio tofu with veggies, quiche lorraine, porto wine, cheesecake ( as you might know from my recents posts), english beef casserole, calzone, crepes, mango, rooibois tea, duck baked in the oven, ratatouille ,  homemade ice-cream, homemade yeasty bread, and also wild strawberries. To be absolutely frank, I don’t like traditional Polish cousine. I am absolutely not in the habit of eating tons of sausages and ham, and meat, and meat, and meat… You know, I have nothing against meat and I am not a vegetarian, but meat is overwhelming dish in my country, this is going too far! That’s my opinion. One thing I like a lot, that nowadays here a millet is so popular. Millet is very fashionable indeed! I am huge fan of it, too. And I love fresh orange juice made by myself. And  I don’t like chocolate, any kind of it – I don’t like milk choco, don’t like white and the same I don’t like 90% natural chocolate. ( Toblerone and red Lindt balls are not included – is possible I will crave eat). Lastly, I tell you, I still drink cow’s milk! ( Sometimes goat’s).

I think one day I will share with you longer post on cousine in Poland, anyhow the topic is more complicated as you think.

wspólna herbata tea


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My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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