Tell me, what to do while you just noticed that a wild- boar is starring at you? Of course, it happens into the night, you are alone and the boar is very near ? Do you have any tips? Because this is not a fantasy! One big, male wild -boar is in the habit of visiting this oaks grove, from time to time. I’ ve been meeting with him once, last autumn, and I am still scary a little bit. To be frank, this boar is very calm one, and he rather preferes to run away, when he is seeing a dog or a human ( or a human along with a dog). Several days ago he was visiting this grove again, and one woman, who was walking her dog, saw him. Her dog is a puppy so is still silly , and had been wanting to play with the boar. The boar escaped very, very fast and was not agressive.

While I met him, I simply had decided to walk in another direction and he was not following me. My dog was very clever at the moment and had walked near me.

Anyhow, is very possible I will meet the boar again. Recently, I have been strolling with my dog in the nighttime, about midnight, and she was seriously thrilled, when we were into the grove. She stopped and was screaming and crying. And, you know, wild- boars love to spend their time under an oaks trees. This is very well- known fact. I even like these animals. In Poland boars are very popular and you can meet them also in a town. A boar might live even 40 years , so I think probably this one is  a member of the family of boars, which is living into the bush at the Wisła `s bank. This is close to the oaks grove! I remember them from my childhood.

But even I will see him again, it will be very hard to take a picture. There is no light, and I think is better not to make him nervous.


About kokodynia

My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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  1. Laura says:

    Yes I think it is best not to annoy the boar.

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