Summer days ahead!

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      • It’s spooky, there are flowers blooming way before they usually bloom this year and many birds are confused by this, as are the bees, both of which have not been around much, I hope they flew elsewhere, because it is troublesome for them not to be able to depend on nature’s consistency in seasons. Humans have made a mess of nature’s perfect design.

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        • It looks like a mess, indeed! I hope it will be everything ok with these birds and bees, because this is very important for any nature environment to survive… Here in Poland is much warmer than a couple years ago, especially during wintertime ( no snow or a little bit ) – I`ve heard this is due to changes with Atlantic winds, it depends on the warming in Greenland.

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    • I am glad you like it!
      I have tons of photos from my phone, which are not so proffesional, due to the camera is nothing special, although I found them quite interesting and nice to see :)


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