I’ts been a while since my last post on falcons. I think, that you want me to unfold the story… I’ ve read the book, and I was doubtful whether to translate everything proof. More than a half of the chapter is about hunting and I’ ve found it cruel. I always have the dilemma – nature rules are full of violence! I must say, I really like pigeons. And our pigeons are the victims of falcons…My heart is always by the side of pigeons ( victims)! Anyhow, falcons are very beautiful. This is a problem!

Let’s start with several facts from the book. Peregrine falcons in Europe inhabit most The Alpine region, Spain and The UK. Seems like they have been liking mountains more than lowlands. In Germany the population of peregrine falcon was decreased from 400 couples to 50 couples, due to killing pesticides all around. Very sad story! Afterward, not so long time ago, the scientists realised that german falcons are experiencing great recreation of the population. Because of it these birds are actually in the need of new teritories. So, one day, a female falcon from Germany has came here, to Warsaw, and she built her nest at the top of The Palace of Culture and Science. And the story goes… Fortunately, she had babies, who are my neighbors by now. They were sitting on my balcony! ( For a while). In the apartment’s block nearby is the second nest in the city, is located high, on the balcony on thirteen or fourteen floor. I don’t know what to think, due to that I am sure they nest here for hunting – lot of ponds are next to this place, and the river, so many water birds inhabit here. I am sure they consider the balcony as a rock shelf. It’s even quite similar, in some sense.


Well, that’s enough, don’t you mind. It’s better to switch to another story, more calming and feminine. I find falcons very men’s thing. So let’s talk about wild ducks… Wild ducks in Warsaw are very popular, like in many cities. And picture my Grandma, who was a lady, and she has been living in awesome, old house at the Saska Kępa district. Lot of pre-war buildings there! This place is very beautiful, I should go there for making some pictures for the blog… In those old houses the balconies are very huge and long. My Grandma loved a pot plants and she had created very nice garden on her huge balcony. ( On the third floor). Indeed, she was very happy when she had discovered, that one pot becames a nest. A couple of eggs! And at this point she felt that somebody’s eyes are looking at her… It was a mother duck!Such an event!

Once the mother duck came into her balcony, my Grandma had been feeling big responsibility. She called a vet, who called a scientist from the university, and this is great way to create an event! Ha ha! They were wondering all the time, whether to install a web -cam or not to install a web-cam… At last they decided that this is necesarry to install the camera ! Everybody, who knows the story, expected it! I was so excited, too… This day my Grandma had opened the balcony early in the morning, and had been looking, without bothering them…She saw the mother duck, who was jumping smoothly to the ground ( from the third floor).It was something between a jump and a fly. These newborn babies, very little ones, immediately emulated mother’s move. They’re gone away! -she called the vet again. So the story was over!

Ducks have been walking through the streets of Warsaw. Luckily, the river is a stone throw from my Grandma’s house…

Some facts based on the book ” Ptaki Polski” by A. Kruszewicz.




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