I am in the kitchen actually, here in Poland, and I am waiting for my fries. These are in the oven  and the smell is all around in my flat.  This is a lovely evening, the weather is bright and I can celebrate my free time. I love to spend my time at home, while I am off duty. The birds are singing outside my window and, due to climate changes, the temperature is similar for the end of June.

Do you  know the painting by Jean- Etienne Liotard ” Das Schokoladenmadchen” ? My favourite! For the first time I have been discovered this wonderful painting when I was only a few years old. It`s on the cover of the book : ” Die Dresdener Gemaldegalerie”, which my parents own. I use to stare at the cover and feed my eyes  … I am still impressed – because of colours and this painting is both sleek and mellow.

I have put together  in this post this “foodie” painting  and my discoveries, I have been making lately. I think is good enough to give only two links, because huge number of links is too time consuming, so may happens nobody will click it… I am going to make this project ‘”Sitting in the kitchen” as my monthly project – next time I will bring you some cheesecake`s links. For this time firstly we might see fabulous cake, in my opinion good for kids, and the second link is also awesome coconut pie. I have never been baking them, but I want to.



Recently I had taken lots of new pictures, so stay tuned! I have to remove the fries from the oven!!!


About kokodynia

My name is Kokodynia. I am interested in many things, like books, architecture, wild nature, kitchen, design, interiors, oh well... profound reflections about life, fashion...

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