Beautiful sorrow


F. Chopin`s ” Ballade in F minor ” Op. 52 by Kate Liu.

I found this performance as a masterpiece! I am not big on Chopin music and music at all, but I am from Poland, so Chopin melts my heart… People have said Kate Liu plays  like under the moonlight , she is like in a dream… For me it is more like tropical rain added to typical polish sorrow. Hard to describe a genious!

Monks and big city lights


I remember this place from my childhood. However those days are gone, I  still keep the memories in my heart. Nowadays I am rather not  in the habit of visiting this church, but I am sure is worth showing. I made a post on it, recommend you to skip there and see my photos!

This is a Roman Catholic church in Barouque -style, and one of unique, old buildings in Warsaw, which have been survived The WW II. This place is hidden into the big wood Bielański, which is a part of Kampinos National Park. Long, long time ago a few monks were living and praying there, in small houses next to the church. Sometimes I have spiritual feeling like there is something in the air all around, like those past times and history of this place are alive, although the monks are gone… The tsar closed it where Warsaw was under russian siege. If you are interested in history of this church, here comes the Wikipedia link:

English or Polish


In my previous post I had been published some photos, mainly from the small chapel there, where is awesome tile stove – I am a massive lover of this particular stove and also of every tile stove in the world, but this is the another topic ( for some future post).

And I hope you noticed this photo of Stanisław Staszic, he is burried near the church. Another monk`s tombs where under the church`s floor, but at the moment it becames a jazz club or a caffe. Anyhow, I am not so sure is it in my style… Highly recommend to watch the video above! This is there, under the church! My personal opinion is the band is stunning but there is no air to breathe… I had been experienced that. So, listen to the music and while you will might the possibility get a trip there, absolutely worth seeing.