artwork by yongsung kim, from internet

Easter holidays are very important in Polish culture, because Poland is so catholic country, as well. More than 90% of polish population is catholic, then some small number of orthodoxy christians in eastern regions and a bit of protestants communities, in Silesia. Jews and muslims are really small communities, too.

So I am about to go to  the church but I am afraid of  the sermon, ha, ha!

Well, this is not a religious blog, indeed. I want this blog to be my private place, a nice, friendy woman  diary! First of all, I don`t like to preach, teach people and I am not a fanatic. I believe in God but it is my private thing, so for me is not easy to live in very conservative society, even if I live in big city all my life. As a kid I was quite religious person but afterward I had been stayed in a relationship with a man, who was not my husband and ” good people” told me many things… It was this sort of words known as hate -speach and very derrogative. So maybe is better to live in multi- cultural society, similar to west european countries… Maybe is better when your faith is your choice, not like here, where a lot of people are a believers only for the tradition or they must – especially in the countryside! Polish priests are not such splendid as John Paul the II was, they are often not so friendly and many people don`t trust them, but it is another topic and too profound…

Today I would like to show you some photos of beautiful, old church in Warsaw, but hidden deeply in the wood. This is not only a catholic church but also a heritage of polish culture, and in very good condition.

Wishing you Happy Easter!

In my upcoming post I will tell you more about this place










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