10 random facts about me

1.) I don`t like country music.

2.) In my dreams, I live somewhere in Arizona or in San Francisco ( New Orleans also good, I suppose).

3.) My favourite citrus fruits are grapefruit and tangerine.

4.) I`m from Warsaw, which is a capital city of Poland.

5.) Usually I have long hair and lashes.

6.) I love Irish Coffee and quiche lorraine.

7.) I have never been in Japan, unfortunately.

8.)  I am about 35 years old and I am not a vegan.

9.) I prefer to drink coffee and tea in a mug.

10.) My favourite writer actually is A. Tchehov.


Happy Valentine`s !


I want to wish you all the best! Happy Valentine`s to you all !

I am preparing a new post about me and it will be published soon. Do you know this song? I love it. Her voice is gorgeous and she is a perfect dancer. This kind of music makes me feel good.

Here in Poland winter is absolutely gone. I still have a lot of work. Additionally, I don`t know where is my book I would show you… Somewhere on my shelf! I am talking about “Short Stories” written by A. C. Doyle. My dear Watson! Where is the book? See ya !